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August 31st: last day to send in nominations of Referees & Observers – 30.08.2006

Each member Association is allowed to nominate up to three observers and, in addition to re-nominated referees, two new male referee pairs and two new female referee pairs.

All current IFF referees & observers that shall keep their status must be re-nominated. If the IFF does not receive any re-nomination, the respective referees/observers will lose their status as IFF referees/observers.

All nominations shall be sent to the IFF competition office in the period 31st of July – 31st of August 2006.

The nomination period will be two years from August 31st 2006 until 31st of May 2008.

As a transitional solution it is possible to leave nomination spaces open and fill them in 2007 or to replace maximum one nominated referee pair in 2007.

If you should have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the IFF Technical Department, kratz@floorball.org.