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Last day to send the final list of Team delegation for EC Qualifications – 11.08.2006

The final list (maximum 20 players & 7 officials from the first list) shall be handed in no later than 11.08.2006 to both kratz@floorball.org and dafu@floorball.dk.

The regulations regarding qualification of players are found in the IFF Competition Regulations - Club Teams Article 3.

Extract from the Competition Regulations - Club Teams

3.1     Only players licensed for the club not later than the 31st of July for the qualification tournament and 31st of October for the final tournament shall be eligible to represent the club in the European Cup.

3.2   Only players having achieved the age of 15 and officials the age of 18 before the start of the tournament are eligible to participate.

3.3    Clubs participating are entitled to use a maximum of 20 players and a maximum of 7 officials in IFF Club competitions.

3.4    30 full days before the first match of the European Cup a list of the team delegation, completed on the official IFF form and signed both by the Club and their national Association shall be sent to IFF and the organizer. This list may consist of up to 30 players and 10 officials from which the final delegation shall be selected. 20 full days before the first match of the Cup the final list of a maximum of 20 players and 7 officials shall be sent to IFF and the organizer. Only those persons included in the final list are entitled to participate in the Cup. Persons in the final list may, due to unforeseen circumstances, be substituted after a written application to the IFF RACC, shall however be listed in the first list of 30 players. Passports shall be checked before the first match.

3.5     A maximum of 20 players and 5 officials are allowed to participate in a match. 
A list of players and officials taking part in a match shall be handed in to the match secretariat not later than 30    minutes before the match. No other than those on the list are allowed to be in the substitution zone.

3.6     Participants shall be responsible for taking out the appropriate insurance to cover their delegation.

3.7     A player shall only be eligible to play for one team in the European Cup.