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WFC 2010 Team presentations: Group C with SWE, GER, EST, AUS – 29.11.2010

Sweden is predicted to win the group C but it will be interesting to see which country will be the 2nd team to make it to the quarter-finals.

Both Estonia and Germany are aiming to make it to the play-offs. The teams will meet each other on Sunday the 5th at 14:00 in the Energy Arena and the result can decide the quarter-final team.

Australia was the last team to make it to the WFC Final rround from the AOFC Qualification and is the underdog in group C.

Sweden Men

Participations & Placements

1996: 1st
1998: 1st
2000: 1st
2002: 1st
2004: 1st
2006: 1st
2008: 2nd 

# 16 Nilsson

  # 22 Sundstedt

# 20 Svensson

Sweden - Sweden won six consecutive WFC gold medals and is hungry to get the trophy back.The aim is to win the gold and that is done do that by look for the optimal performance.   

Players to be noted: 

Karl-Johan Nilsson: the heart of the team and a fantastic leader. In the last preparation match against Norway which ended 12-6 for Sweden, Nilsson scored 2+2.
Rasmus Sundstedt: representing the new generation of player with speed, technique and power.   
Magnus Svensson: the tough forward, who is used to perform when it really matters. Svensson is probably the most dangerous player in front of the opponent´s goal.

Germany Men

Participations & Placements

1996: 8th
1998: 8th
2000: 9th
2002: 8th
2004: 8th
2006: 10th
2008: 11th

# 8 F. Holtz

# 12 K. Holtz

# 19 M. Mucha

# 20 D. Mucha

Germany - The national team has built up some new tactical things and those things have start to give good results.

The WFC in Finland is still a so-called "learning process" for the team but Germany can show the rest of the world that they now have start to build up good floorball.  

Players to be noted:

Holtz brothers: Fredrik is a world class floorball player that plays in the highest league in Sweden. He won the EuroFloorball Cup in Autumn with Storvreta IBK. In the WFC 2008 he collected 27 points in six B-division matches.  
Kristian is the captain of the team, who plays for the Swedish League team KAIS Mora. He creates a lot of fighting and positive team-spirit and is very important for the team.

The Mucha brothersManuel and Dominic from the Swiss league team UHC Stawi Olten, are both quick floorball players with good offensive playing skills.

Estonia Men

Participations & Placements

1996: 11th
1998: 10th
2000: 11th
2002: 12th
2004: 12th
2006: 11th
2008: 8th
2010: Qualified from the WFCQ

# 10 Karis

# 19 Kivi

# 6 H. Talme

# 16 K. Talme

Estonia - The team has a mix of players from different leagues and countries, maybe the best Estonian team ever and the team hopes to get good result and maybe even surprise some "bigger" teams.    
The minimum goal is to improve the previous WFC performance and ranking (8th).    

Players to be noted:

Rein Kivi: an experienced forward from the Finnish League and he is also a very important team spirit player. He is a goal scorer who is very strong in 1-1 situtations.
Martin Karis: the captain from Tartu EMÜ SK with a big role in the team. An all-round player who fits for all positions.    
Talme brothers, Henrik and Kristian. Both are experienced players from the Swedish Super League club AIK and they both bring a lot more skill to the team.
Henrik was the top scorer in the WFC Qualifications Europe 2 with 6+8 in four matches. Kristian, who plays defender, scored the 3rd most points with 7+5

Australia Men

Participations & Placements

1998: 12th
2000: 15th
2002: 17th
2004: 18th
2006: 20th
2008: 24th 
2010: Qualified from the WFCQ

# 6 Campbell

  # 8 Woods

# 3 Veron

Australia: The team has been selected with a focus aimed slightly more towards the future, it does include a few more older and experienced players to help the development of these younger team members. The aim is to gain as much experience as possible, and use that experience to develop ourselves for future championships.  

Players to be noted:

Timothy Campbell: a calm and creative player with good technical skills.
Michael Woods: another young player who can use his height and skills to good effect and open the game.

Jonathon Veron: a very fast attacking forward who is always dangerous in front of the goals.     


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