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WFC 2010 Team presentations: Group B with SUI, LAT, POL, SIN – 26.11.2010

Switzerland´s team includes world class start and they are the favourites in the group. Latvia will probably become the toughest challenge for the Swiss team, but also Poland aims to qualify to the play-offs. Singapore´s goal is to reach its best WFC placement in history.

The team that wins the group will probably avoid meeting the reigning champion, Finland, in the quarter-finals as the group winner will play against the 2nd placed team in group A (probably Russia or Denmark). 

Switzerland Men

Participations & Placements

1996: 5th
1998: 2nd
2000: 3rd
2002: 3rd
2004: 4th
2006: 3rd
2008: 3rd 

# 19 Hofbauer

  # 13 Antener

# 20

Switzerland - Switzerland has a good mix of young and routined players. The team has had a long and hard preparation for the WFC.

The aim is to reach the semi-finals and play the best possible floorball in the WFC.   

Players to be noted: 

Matthias Hofbauer: team captain and team leader of the Swiss team, who is one of the best centers in the world.
Emanuel Antener: the AIK Solna-Forward that has a splendid technique and shooting skills.
Markus Gerber: a tough defensive player with good qualities in the offensive zone as well. 

Latvia Men

Participations & Placements

1996: 9th
1998: 9th
2000: 7th
2002: 7th
2004: 6th
2006: 5th
2008: 5th

# 10 Blinds

  # 16 Belasovs

# 31 Blinds

Latvia - The team´s first aim is to get to the Quarter-finals and then see how far they can advance. 

Players to be noted:

Atis Blinds: a power-forward from RTU/Inspecta that is a Latvian floorball icon. Blinds always plays with full heart.   
Aigars Belasovs: a modern defensive player with good size and talent, who is one of the key players in the Latvian team.
Andis Blinds: an experienced goalkeeper also from RTU/Inspecta that has played in the WFC´s 2004, 2006 and 2008.


Poland Men

Participations & Placements

2000: 12th
2002: 13th
2006: 21th
2008: 12th 
2010: Qualified from the WFCQ

# 20 Mikulski

  # 13 Bartlomiej

# 11 Hajdus

Poland - a young and talented team. Tactically the team still has a long way to go but they are on the right track. This WFC will be a stepping stone for Polish floorball and the goal is to become one of the two teams in the group that goes through to the play-offs.     

Players to be noted:

Mattias Mikulski: a defender who plays in the Swedish Superleague for the EFC champion Storvreta IBK. Mikulski is a tough defender that always plays his best. In WFC 2008 B-division he scored 8+8 in 6 matches.
Augustyn Bartlomiej: a center who is a great playmaker, which he also proved in the WFCQ by giving 9 assists in 4 matches.    
Jan Hajdus: a goalscorer with an excellent shot.    

Singapore Men

Participations & Placements

1996: 12th
1998: 14th
2002: 20th
2004: 19th
2006: 18th
2008: 15th
2010: Qualified from the WFCQ

# 25 bin Ramlee

  # 29 bin Zubir

# 22 Makalingam

Singapore - a young team with many new players. Singapore won the AOFC WFC Qualification in February and the team has trained several months together with the aim to take the best ranking in Singaporean WFC history.    

Players to be noted:

Muhammad Syazni bin Ramlee: a talented young player with both passion and speed.
Abdul Hafiz bin Zubir: a goal hungry defender who is very strong when supporting the attacks. 
Rajiv s/o Makalingam
an experienced goalkeeper, participated in several WFC´s (2004,2006 & 2008) and and also played in Sweden during the season 2009-2010 

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