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WFC 2010 Team presentations: Group D with CZE, NOR, ITA, JPN – 30.11.2010

The Czechs are the favourites despite the tough challenge from Norway. Both Italy and Japan will have Norway as their main target after having first played against each other.

The bonus of winning the group is that the winner will play against the 2nd placed team of Group C, which will be a weaker team (Germany, Estonia or Australia) than the winner of group C, probably Sweden.

Czech Republic Men

Participations & Placements

1996: 4th
1998: 6th
2000: 6th
2002: 4th
2004: 2nd
2006: 4th
2008: 4th

# 7 Tomasik

  # 27 Fridrich

# 19 Zálesný

Czech Republic - After having been 4th in 2008, the objective for the Czech team is clear – to win a medal. The team is experienced, talented and plays with high risk. The Czechs are known also for sometimes making it hard for themselves.

Players to be noted: 
MilanTomašík: a robust and talented goal scoring forward, who made a very strong appearance during the EFC 2010 in Latvia. He is representing the future of Czech Floorball.

Milan Fridrich: one of the most experienced players in the team, who acts as the playmaker of the Czech team and is known for his accurate passes.
Aleš Zálesný: a player known to be all over the field making it hard for the opponent´s defence. He is loved by the Czech fans, but probably hated by his opponents. He is a real fighter.

Norway Men

Participations & Placements

1996: 3rd
1998: 5th
2000: 5th
2002: 5th
2004: 5th
2006: 7th
2008: 6th

# 5 Kronberg

  # 16 Fauskanger

# 14 Gidske

 - The Norwegians are trying to improve their 6th place from the WFC 2008, promising to fight like attacking Vikings for a place in the semi-finals. The dream come true for Norway would be to play the last game in Hartwall Arena on Saturday 11the of December 2010.

Players to be noted: 
Ketil Kronberg: the captain of Norway is perhaps one of the world´s best forwards, known for his speed and his scoring and passing abilities.
Willy Fauskanger: a very experienced sniper forward who will help his team a lot. Fauskanger will play his 8th WFC (1996 - 2010)
Daniel Gidske : a young but talented defender who will play his first WFC.

Italy Men

Participations & Placements

1996: - 
1998: - 
2000: - 
2002: 11th 3rd in B-division
2004: 11th Winner of B Division
2006: 7th 
2008: 10th                               

# 18 Agrusti 

  # 15 Ludolini

# 24 Horn

Italy - The Italian team has been renewed a lot, giving the best young players from the Italian league the responsibility. Italy makes its 5th WFC, after a very tight qualification in Spain. The aim of the team in these World Championships is to confirm Italy’s position among the Top 10 nations in the world.    

Players to be noted: 
Alessandro Agrusti: a calm young technical player, who already has a lot of international experience from both U19 and Adult WFC’s.               
Sandro Ludolini: a very fast player with an excellent vision of the game, making him the perfect team player in critical moments.
Remy Horn: another young talented player, with the ability to make the decisive goals for his team.  


Japan Men

Participations & Placements

1996: -
1998: 13th
2000: 15th
2002: 20th
2004: 21th  Winner of the C-division
2006: 16th
2008: 16th 

# 1 Nakagawa

  # 15 Watabe

# 8 Hishinuma

Japan - The team´s objective is to win at least one, preferably two games in the WFC, giving Japan a better result than in 2008. The main challenge will be to play on synthetic flooring, since Floorball is only played on wooden floors in Japan.

Players to be noted: 
Takanori Nakagawa: the spectacular first goalkeeper of Japan, has after 6 years of being the second keeper, now grown and developed into a real talent with excellent skills. 
Daisuke Watabe: the captain of the team and one of the most experienced Japanese players, who is best known for his leadership and fighting spirit.
Fukuta Hishinuma: this short, but very strong and agile forward will surprise both the audience and the opponents during the WFC.   

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