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XXX Constitution of the IFF Central Board (CB) – 27.05.2006

The IFF CB constituted itself in a meeting in Stockholm on May 25th as follows:

Tomas Eriksson, Sweden – Elected by the IFF General Assembly 

Vice President
Renato Orlando, Switzerland

Tomas Jonsson, Norway

Board members
Mona Aagaard, Denmark - new
Per Jansson, Sweden
Risto Kauppinen, Finland
Filip Suman, Czech Republic - new

John Liljelund, Per Jansson, Risto Kauppinen, Renato Orlando, Tomas Jonsson, Tomas Eriksson, Filip Suman, Mona Aagaard

Executive Committee
Tomas Eriksson, Sweden, President
Renato Orlando, Switzerland
John Liljelund, Finland

Constituted as Committee and Function Chairmen were:

Thomas Gilardi, Switzerland, Referee Committee (not CB Member)
Filip Suman, Czech Republic, Rules and Competition Committee
Renato Orlando, Switzerland, Development Function
Per Jansson, Sweden, Marketing Function
John Liljelund, Finland, Material Function