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Upcoming Women’s and Women’s U19 Internationals – 19.04.2006


During the International’s weekend, 28-30.4.2006, Finland, Latvia and Switzerland will play in the 3-Nations tournament in Lappeenranta, Finland:

27.04: Finland-Latvia
28.04: Switzerland-Latvia
30.4: Finland-Switzerland

Results from previous matches:

09.02.2006: Switzerland-Finland 3-4, (Sweden)
Women’s WFC 2005: Switzerland-Latvia 4-0, (Singapore)
Women’s WFC 2005: Finland-Latvia 9-0, (Singapore)

Women U19:

The Polish Cup will also be played during the International’s weekend in Biala Piska. The participating teams are U 19 teams from Finland, Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland. In addition the Women’s team from Poland will also participate in the tournament.

28.04: Poland (W)-Switzerland (WU19)
28.04: Poland (WU19)-Slovakia (WU19)
28.04: Finland (WU19)-Poland (W)
28.04: Switzerland (WU19)-Poland (WU19)
29.04: Finland (WU19)-Slovakia (WU19)
29.04: Poland (W)-Poland (WU19)
29.04: Slovakia (WU19)-Switzerland (WU19)
29.04: Poland (WU19)-Finland (WU19)
30.04: Slovakia (WU19)-Poland (W)
30.04: Switzerland (WU19)-Finland (WU19)