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Information form for International Matches and Request of Referees

Information of International Matches and Request of Referees.xls

International Transfer Form & Temporary Play Transfer Form

International Transfer Form 2014

Transfer form 2014.pdf

Temporary Play Transfer Form 2014

temporary transfer form 2014.pdf


Information of International Club Tournament

International Club Tournaments - Organisers

Information of International Club tournament.xls

Participation for for TEAMS in Elite Club Tournaments

Participation form for International Elite Club Tournament.doc


Injury Form Floorball - InFo Floorball
The IFF collects injury statistics from the Champions Cup and the Men´s and Women´s WFC Final round. When an injury occurs the team doctor/physiotherapist shall fill in the InFo form.

Injury Form (InFo) Excel


Injury Form (InFo) PDF



Statistics and Contact information form

Member Association Statistics and Contact information Form

Statistics and Contact Information form 2016.xls


Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) Application Form

TUE application form

Therapeutic Use Exemption Application Form.pdf


Whereabouts Information Forms (starting from 2015)

IFF National Team Whereabouts Form

IFF National Team Whereabouts Form.xls

IFF Club Team Whereabouts Form

IFF Club Team Whereabouts Form.xls

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