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Team presentation: CDE El Valle (ESP)

Name of team: CDE El Valle (ESP)
Short name: CDE El Valle
Home town: Madrid, Spain
Club founded (year): 1999
Chairman of club: Luis Miguel Rodriguez Zarza
Homepage: CDE El Valle
The achievements in IFF events: EFC 19: 5th EFCh 18: 1st, EFC 15: 6th, EFCh 16: 1st, EFC 17: 6th
Contact person: Diego Agueda Regidor
Contact persons e-mail: d.agueda@colegioelvalle.com
Team Card Last Updated: 16.10.2019

Current team
nr Player Position
1 Amores Puhl Patricia Goalkeeper
3 Ballesteros Suarez Nieves Forward
5 Calderon Sanchez Lucia Forward
6 Arenal Beltran Paula Forward
7 Rodriguez Laborda Andrea Defender
8 Roa Martinez Lucia Forward
9 Salazar Corral Laura Defender
10 Morales Lopez Alicia Forward
11 Lafuente Garcia-Ubero Angela Forward
12 Alonso Lopez Maria del Carmen Defender
15 Vallejo Terraza Clara Forward
19 Apesteguia Lanseros Esther Forward
26 Alonso Lopez-Zuazo Maria Forward
Agueda Regidor Diego Head Coach
Caldevilla Fernandez Jaime Coach
Rodriguez Zarza Luis Miguel President
Laborda Garcia Maria Luisa Team Manager

CDE El Valle (ESP)

Next matches
Previous matches
12.10.2019 Leganes - CDE El Valle 2 - 5
11.10.2019 Kysucke NM - CDE El Valle 8 - 0
10.10.2019 CDE El Valle - Gdansk 4 - 9
27.08.2018 Leganes - CDE El Valle 3 - 5
26.08.2018 CDE El Valle - Panam 12 - 0
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