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Team presentation: Madex Gorale Nowy Targ (POL)

Name of team: Madex Gorale Nowy Targ (POL)
Short name: Gorale
Home town: Nowy Targ, Poland
Club founded (year): 1998
Chairman of club: Tomasz Rusnak
Homepage: Gorale Nowy Targ
The achievements in IFF events:
Contact person: Dominik Siaskiewicz
Contact persons e-mail: dsiaski@interia.pl

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Madex Gorale Nowy Targ (POL)

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09.10.2011 Gorale - Leganes 5 - 3
06.10.2011 RTU - Gorale 12 - 3
05.10.2011 Gorale - Nauka 7 - 14
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