Russia withdraw from Women´s U19 WFC

The Russian Floorball Federation has advised that they must withdraw from their participation in the Women´s U19 WFC, to be played in Ni... — 19.4.2012

Women´s U19 WFC 2012

5th Women´s U19 World Championships
Nitra, Slovakia
1st - 5th May 2012

For players born 01.01.1993 - 31.12.1996

Official event website: www.wfc2012.sk

A-division standings:
1. Finland
2. Switzerland
3. Sweden
4. Czech Republic
5. Poland
6. Slovakia
7. Hungary
8. Norway
Norway is relegated to the B-division 2014.

A-division Placement Matches
05.05. 12:02 5th place: SVK WU19 - POL WU192-3 ot.
04.05. 14:00 7th place: NOR WU19 - HUN WU192-3

05.05. 15:00 Bronze game: CZE WU19 - SWE WU193-6

04.05. 17:00 Semi-final 1: SUI WU19 - CZE WU193-1

05.05. 18:00 Final: SUI WU19 - FIN WU191-3

04.05. 20:00 Semi-final 2: FIN WU19 - SWE WU194-3 ot.

Group A Standings

1.SUI WU19330024-76
2.SWE WU19320130-74
3.SVK WU19310214-162
4.HUN WU1930033-410

Group B Standings

1.FIN WU19330027-86
2.CZE WU19320131-124
3.POL WU1931027-182
4.NOR WU1930036-330

Schedule & Statistics

Schedule & Statistics

B-division standings*
1. Denmark
2. Latvia
3. Germany
4. Canada
5. Austria

Denmark is promoted to the A-division for 2014.

B-division Group C Standings
1.DEN WU19431031-117
2.LAT WU19421137-135
3.GER WU19420222-184
4.CAN WU19412123-134
5.AUT WU1940041-590

Schedule & Statistics

Scoring Leaders
A-Division B-Division
1.Cornelia FjellstedtSWE WU19556110
2.Nathalie JakobssonSWE WU19582100
3.Barbora SadkovaCZE WU19564100
4.Nina BartschiSUI WU19564100
5.Mira WickmanFIN WU1958190
6.Fabienne WaltherSUI WU1955490
7.Adela BocanovaCZE WU1954590
8.Amanda OhmanSWE WU1956172
9.Veronika IzraelovaSVK WU1934370
10.Alisa PollanenFIN WU1954372
1.Luize BilinskaLAT WU194810182
2.Ieva LapinskaLAT WU194104146
3.Jasmin Damm-HenrichsenDEN WU19485132
4.Christianna McKinneyCAN WU19483112
5.Laura de FriesDEN WU19428102
6.Eva KnudsenDEN WU1947180
7.Eryn BrownCAN WU1944482
8.Ulrika SkakovskaLAT WU1944484
9.Julia PradelGER WU1945270
10.Eliza Elizabete BerzinaLAT WU1945272

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Goalkeeper Statistics
A-Division B-Division
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1.Naomi Najem-DouglasCAN WU19470100.00
2.Ida ChristensenDEN WU194851188.54
3.Monta AndrusaiteLAT WU194771088.50
4.Rachel MacLeodCAN WU194771385.55
5.Jean FischerGER WU194681285.00
6.Inga FaustGER WU19429682.85
7.Theresa AnderleAUT WU193751682.41
8.Annija JurguteLAT WU19410376.92
9.Petra KörperAUT WU194461871.87
10.Lena WimmreutherAUT WU194472565.27

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*Russia was originally registered to the B-division but has withdrawn their participation in this event.

WU19 2012 WFC A-division All Star team

Goalkeeper: Simona Stock, Switzerland
Defender: Tiia Raitanen, Finland
Defender: Kristýna Bachmaierová, Czech Republic
Forward: Frida Rydfjäll, Sweden
Forward: Mira Wickman, Finland
Forward: Nina-Maria Bärtschi, Switzerland

WU19 2012 WFC B-division All Star Team

Goalkeeper: Monta Cema, Latvia
Defender: Lisa Glass, Germany
Defender: Eva Knudsen, Denmark
Forward: Jasmin Damm-Henrichsen, Denmark
Forward: Luize Bilinska, Latvia
Forward: Christianna McKinney, Canada

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