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Somalia Floorball Federation

Name: Somalia Floorball Federation

Association founded:

IFF member since: 2016

Member of Somalian Sports Commission since:

Member of National Olympic Committee since:

Official web page: www.somaliafloorball.org

Number of employees in the Association:

Next General Assembly:

Number of licensed players:

Total: 95
Men: 25
Women: 10
Men Under 19: 50
Women Under 19: -
Number of Floorball Clubs: -

Association Contacts:

Head office of the Association

Somalia Floorball Federation
C/o Somalia Olyampic Committe
DHL Mogadishu Somalia

Jaunarigatan 27
41515 Göteborg

Phone: +46 739 59 2780
E-mail: president(at)somaliafloorball.org

President:Mr. Yoonis Khalif Hassanpresident(at)somaliafloorball.org
Vice President:Mr. Warsame Yassin Osmanvicepresident(at)somaliafloorball.org
Secretary General:Mr. Abdulkadir Mohamed Ahmedsecretary(at)somaliafloorball.org
Transfer contact:

Anti-doping contact:Mr. Yoonis Khalif Hassanpresident(at)somaliafloorball.org
Referee contact:Mr. Pontus Bergerheadcoachmen(at)somaliafloorball.org
National team contact:Mr. Pontus Bergerheadcoachmen(at)somaliafloorball.org
Media contact:Mr. Yoonis Khalif Hassanpresident(at)somaliafloorball.org
Education/Development:Mr. Anas Mohameddevelopment(at)somaliafloorball.org
ParaFloorball contanct:Mr. Yoonis Khalif Hassanpresident(at)somaliafloorball.org

Information about the nation

Capital: Mogadishu
Population: 10.5 million (2013) World Bank
Currency: Somali shilling
Official languages: Somali, Arabic
Time zone: EAT (UTC+3)

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