IFF lifts suspension of Russian Floorball and NFFR

The National Floorball Federation of Russia (NFFR) has today settled its outstanding debts to the IFF and fulfilled the requ... — 14.7.2017

NFFR suspended from all IFF and International Floorball activity

The IFF Central Board decided in its meeting on the 9th of December 2016 to provisionally suspend the NFFR from all IFF and Inte... — 9.3.2017

Nizhegorodets and Nauka Russian Champions

The play-offs were played in Russia and Nizhegorodets (Men) and Nauka (Women) were victorious. In addition a seminar for... — 16.5.2016

National Floorball Federation of Russia

Name: National Floorball Federation of Russia
Association founded: 1992, re-organized 2013
IFF member since: 1993
Member of National Sport Authority: Yes
Member of National Olympic Committee:
Official web page: www.floorballunion.ru & Facebook Page
Number of emplyees in the Association:
Next General Assembly:

Number of licensed players

Total: 3000
Men: 800
Women: 200
Men Under 19: 300
Women Under 19: 200
Number of Floorball Clubs: 40

Association Contacts

Head office of the association

Russian Floorball Federation
Kalashniy Per.10
Building 1
RU-125009 Moscow
Phone +7-495 741 8051
Fax +7-495 691 9491
E-mail: admin(at)floorballunion.ru
Web-site: www.floorballunion.ru


Mr. Chernov Maksim


Vice President:

Mr. Alexander Korolev


Secretary General:

Mr. Konstantin Zhukovskiy


Transfer contact:

Anti-doping contact:

Referee contact:

Mr. Andrey Bogdanuyk


National team contact:

Mr. Konstantin Zhukovskjy


Media contact:

Mr. Maksim Chernov



Participations and success in IFF events

Men‘s WFC:

Women‘s WFC:

Men‘s U19 WFC:

Women‘s U19 WFC:

2016: 18th2017: Registered2017: - 2016: -

2014: 13th

2015: 11th

2015: -

2014: -

2012: 10th

2013: 10th

2013: -

2012: -

2010: 8th

2011: 10th

2011: 14th

2010: 10th

2008: 7th

2009: 5th

2009: 13th

2008: 10th

2006: 9th

2007: 7th

2007: 18th

2006: 9th

2004: 7th

2005: 6th

2005: 9th

2004: -

2002: 9th

2003: 5th

2003: 8th

2000: 8th

2001: 9th

2001: 6th

1998: 7th

1999: -

1996: 6th

1997: 5th

IFF events organised by the association (year, event and place)

National championships

Men‘s championships played since: No Data
Women‘s championships played since: No Data
Age groups in boys: No Data
Age groups in girls: No Data

Men´s National Champions Women´s National Champions
2015-16: Nizhegorodets2015-16: Nauka
2014-15: Pomor2014-15: Nauka-Trevelstroy
2013-14: Pomor 2013-14: Nauka-Trevelstroy
1993-2013: No Data 1993-2013: No Data

Information about the nation

Population: 141 927 297 est. 2012
Capital: Moscow
Language: Russian
Currency: Ruble

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