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Piranha Chur & Floorball Köniz - winners of the Swiss Supercup

The Swiss Supercup was played on Saturday 8th of September. Piranha Chur confronted Kloten-Dietlikon Jets in the Women´s m... — 10.9.2018

Season starting in the Swiss national leagues

The best teams from the Swiss league will play against each other in the Superfinal next spring. The final takes place 27th ... — 7.9.2018

Swiss National School Sport Day

On the 30th of May, one of the biggest youth sports events in Switzerland took place in Lausanne: the Swiss National School... — 4.6.2018

Swiss Floorball Association

Name: Swiss Floorball Association
(Swiss Unihockey)
Association founded: 1985
IFF member since: 1986 (IFF founded)
Member of National Sport Authority: Yes
Member of National Olympic Committee: Yes
Official web page: www.swissunihockey.ch & Facebook Page
Number of employees in the Association: 14
Next General Assembly: June 2011

Number of licensed players

Total: 33 072

Men: 11 852

Women: 3 496

Men Under 19: 14 713

Women Under 19: 3 011

Number of Floorball Clubs: 395

Association Contacts

Head office of the association

Swiss Floorball Association
(Schweizerischer Unihockey Verband)
Haus des Sports
Talgut-Zentrum 27
CH-3063 Ittigen BE
Phone +41-31 330 24 44
E-mail: info(at)swissunihockey.ch


Mr. Daniel Bareiss


Vice President:

Mr. Jörg Beer


Secretary General:

Mr. Michael Zoss


Transfer contact:

Ms. Nina Schürch


Anti-doping contact:

Mr. Reto Balmer


Referee contact:

Mr. Thomas Erhard


National team contact:

Mr. Remo Manser


Media contact:

Mrs. Marion Kaufmann



Mr. Pascal Haab


ParaFloorball: Mr. Reto Balmerreto.balmer(at)swissunihockey.ch
Special Olympics: Mr. Bruno Barthbarth(at)specialolympics.ch

Participation and results in IFF events

Men‘s WFC:

Women‘s WFC:

Men‘s U19 WFC:

Women‘s U19 WFC:

2018 Final Round2019 Final Round2019 A-division2018 5th
2016: 3rd2017: 3rd2017: 4th 2016: 3rd
2014: 4th2015: 3rd2015: 2nd2014: 4th

2012: 3rd

2013: 3rd

2013: 2nd

2012: 2nd

2010: 4th

2011: 4th

2011: 3rd

2010: 4th

2008: 3rd

2009: 2nd

2009: 3rd

2008: 1st

2006: 3rd

2007: 3rd

2007: 4th

2006: 3rd

2004: 4th

2005: 1st

2005: 3rd

2004: 3rd

2002: 3rd

2003: 2nd

2003: 4th

2000: 3rd

2001: 4th

2001: 2nd

1998: 2nd

1999: 2nd

1996: 5th

1997: 4th

IFF events organised by the association (year, event and place)


Women´s U19 World Floorball Championships

St. Gallen & Herisau
2014Champions CupZurich


Men´s World Floorball Championships

Bern and Zürich


Women´s World Floorball Championships

St. Gallen


EuroFloorball Cup Qualifications 2nd best teams

Langnau and Winterthur


EuroFloorball Cup Final round



Men´s U19 World Championships

Kirchberg and Zuchwil


European Cup Final Round Men/Women

Adliswil and Zürich


Men´s World Floorball Championships

Kloten and Zürich


Women´s World Floorball Championships

Bern, Gümligen, Wünnewil


European Cup Final Round Men/Women

Bern, Sarnen, Winterthur, Zuchwil


Open European Championships Men/Women

Aarau, Adliswil, Jona, Gümligen, Sursee, Zürich


European Cup Final Round Men/Women

National championships

Men‘s championships played since: 1984
Women‘s championships played since: 1986
Age groups in boys: U21, U18, U16, U14, U12, U10
Age groups in girls: U21, U18, U16, U14

Men´s National Champions

2017-18: Floorball Köniz
2016-17: SV Wiler-Ersigen
2015-16: GC Zurich
2014-15: SV Wiler-Ersigen
2013-14: SV Wiler-Ersigen
2012-13: UHC Alligator Malans

2011-12: SV Wiler-Ersigen

2010-11: SV Wiler-Ersigen

2009-10: SV Wiler-Ersigen

2008-09: SV Wiler-Ersigen

2007-08: SV Wiler-Ersigen

2006-07: SV Wiler-Ersigen

2005-06: UHC Alligator Malans

2004-05: SV Wiler-Ersigen

2003-04: SV Wiler-Ersigen

2002-03: UHC Rot-Weiss Chur

2001-02: UHC Alligator Malans

2000-01: UHC Rot-Weiss Chur

1999-00: UHC Rot-Weiss Chur

1998-99: UHC Alligator Malans

1997-98: UHC Rot-Weiss Chur

1996-97: UHC Alligator Malans

1995-96: UHC Rot-Weiss Chur

1994-95: UHC Rot-Weiss Chur

1993-94: UHC Rot-Weiss Chur

1992-93: UHC Rot-Weiss Chur

1991-92: UHC Rot-Weiss Chur

1990-91: UHC Rot-Weiss Chur

1989-90: UHC Rot-Weiss Chur

1988-89: UHC Rot-Weiss Chur

1987-88: UHT Zäziwil

1986-87: UHT Zäziwil

1985-86: UHC Giants-Kloten

1984-85: UHT Zäziwil

Women´s National Champions

2017-18: Piranha Chur
2016-17: UHC Dietlikon
2015-16: Piranha Chur
2014-15: Piranha Chur
2013-14: Piranha Chur

2012-13: Piranha Chur

2011-12: Piranha Chur

2010-11: Red Ants Rychenberg Winterthur

2009 - 10: Piranha Chur

2008-09: UHC Ditelikon

2007-08: UHC Ditelikon

2006-07: UHC Ditelikon

2005-06: UHC Ditelikon

2004-05: Red Ants Rychenberg Winterthur

2003-04: Red Ants Rychenberg Winterthur

2002-03: UHC Ditelikon

2001-02: Red Ants Rychenberg Winterthur

2000-01: Red Ants Rychenberg Winterthur

1999-00: HC Rychenberg Winterthur

1998-99: HC Rychenberg Winterthur

1997-98: HC Rychenberg Winterthur

1996-97: HC Rychenberg Winterthur

1995-96: HC Rychenberg Winterthur

1994-95: HC Rychenberg Winterthur

1993-94: HC Rychenberg Winterthur

1992-93: HC Rychenberg Winterthur

1991-92: HC Rychenberg Winterthur

1990-91: HC Rychenberg Winterthur

1989-90: BTV Chur

1988-89: HC Rychenberg Winterthur

1987-88: HC Rychenberg Winterthur

1986-87: HC Rychenberg Winterthur

Men‘s player of the season:

Women‘s player of the season:
2015-16: Kim Nilsson 2015-16: Michelle Wiki
2014-15: Tatu Väänänen 2014-15: Seraina Ulber
2013-14: 2013-14:
2012-13: Emanuel Antener 2012-13: Petra Weiss

Information about the nation

Population: 7 782 900 est. 2012
Capital: Bern, largest city Zürich
Language: German, French, Italian, Romansh
Currency: Swiss franc

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