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EFCQ West Denmark

The EuroFloorball Cup Qualification West in Fredrikshavn, Denmark 13th - 17th of August 2008

Men´s EFC Qualification West

Final Standings

1. Sarpsborg IBK (NOR)
2. Hafnia FC (DEN)
3. CUF Leganes (ESP)
4. HDM (NED)
5. UHC Sparkasse Weissenfels (GER)
6. Paris UC (FRA)
7. Bandýfélag Kópavogs BK (ISL)

Group A Standings
1.Sarpsborg IBK220017-84
2.CUF Leganes20117-101
3.UHC Weissenfels201111-171
Group B Standings
1.Hafnia FC330054-56
3.Paris UC310222-212
4.Bandýfélag Kópavogs30034-610

Schedule & Statistics

Schedule & Statistics

Men´s placement matches

Final Match
17.08. 13:00 Final: Sarpsborg IBK - Hafnia FC8-5
Bronze Match
17.08. 10:00 Bronze game: HDM - CUF Leganes2-7
Semifinal 1
16.08. 15:15 Semi-final 1: Sarpsborg IBK - HDM20-2
Semifinal 2
16.08. 18:02 Semi-final 1: Hafnia FC - CUF Leganes5-3
5th place
16.08. 12:30 5th place: UHC Weissenfels - Paris UC15-1

Women´s EFC Qualification West

Final Standings


FC Outlaws (DEN)
2. CUF Leganes (ESP)
3. HDM (NED)

Women´s Standings
1.FC Outlaws422019-86
2.CUF Leganes422014-96

Schedule & Statistics

The winner of both Men´s and Women´s tournament will be qualified to the EuroFloorball Cup Final Round.
The Final Round is played 8.-12.10.2008 in Winterthur, Swizerland.

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