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Sweden reclaim the title of U19 World Champions

The gold medal match in Zbaszyn, Poland was played in front of an overflowing full house, and after a disappointing 3rd place in 2012, ... — 4.5.2014

Women´s U19 WFC A-divsion All Star Team

The Local Organising Committee and media elected the Women´s U19 Floorball Championships A-division All Star team. ... — 4.5.2014

Strong defence gives Czechs the bronze medal

In a very tight match, Czech Republic´s strong defence and well-built attack proved too strong for Switzerland, and their 5-2 victory won th... — 4.5.2014

Women´s U19 WFC 2014 - Poland

6th Women´s U19 World Floorball Championships 2014

Babimost, Rakoniewice & Zbaszyn, Poland
30th April - 4th May 2014

Event website: www.wfc2014.pl

Replays of all matches and highlights: www.youtube.com/iffchannel

The U19 WFC Final round was played with 8 teams in the A-division and 5 teams in the B-division.
Ukraine played their first ever Women´s U19 WFC.

A-Division Final Standings

1. Sweden
2. Finland
3. Czech Republic
4. Switzerland
5. Slovakia
6. Poland
7. Latvia
8. Hungary*

*Hungary are relegated to
B-division for 2016

Photo: Bernard Guzialek

Play-off & placement matches
03.05. 14:00 Semi-final 1: FIN WU19 - SUI WU195-3
03.05. 17:00 Semi-final 2: SWE WU19 - CZE WU197-3
03.05. 20:00 7th place: HUN WU19 - LAT WU192-4
03.05. 20:00 5th place: POL WU19 - SVK WU191-4
04.05. 12:00 Bronze game: CZE WU19 - SUI WU195-2
04.05. 15:00 Final: SWE WU19 - FIN WU196-4

Player Statistics

Scoring Leaders

1.Ellen RasmussenSWE WU19579160
2.My KippilaFIN WU195312150
3.Amanda Johansson DelgadoSWE WU195104140
4.Sara SteenSWE WU19568142
5.Isabella StromSWE WU195103130
6.Andrea GamperliSUI WU19539124
7.Oona KauppiFIN WU19592110
8.Isabelle GerigSUI WU19583110
9.Veera KauppiFIN WU19573100
10.Ellinor BerlingSWE WU19564100

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Goalkeeper Statistics

1.Matilda WirthigSWE WU19515193.75
2.Alisa LevalampiFIN WU19526486.66
3.Justyna TrebaczPOL WU194531084.12
4.Tina LeuenbergerSUI WU19547983.92
5.Sophia LundmarkSWE WU195511182.25
6.Kristine KirilovaLAT WU194912081.98
7.Andrea RichnavskaSVK WU1948280.00
8.Hana RanochovaCZE WU19431879.48
9.Agata KownackaPOL WU194481378.68
10.Karolina KristofovaSVK WU194822576.63

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Group A Results & Statistics
Group B Results & Statistics

Final Standings

1. Norway*
2. Canada
3. Germany
4. Austria
5. Ukraine

*Norway are promoted to A-division for 2016

Photo: M. Kozubal / WU19 WFC 2014

Standings table - B-division

1.NOR WU19440056-48
2.CAN WU19430131-146
3.GER WU19420236-104
4.AUT WU19410310-512
5.UKR WU1940044-580

All match results

Player Statistics

Scoring Leaders

1.Julie GidskeNOR WU19498172
2.Kine Hedlund EriksenNOR WU19488160
3.Randi KleerbaumGER WU19486142
4.Frida NorstromNOR WU19482100
5.Kisa ReckGER WU1945490
6.Emma LundeNOR WU1945490
7.Emilie ThorvaldsenNOR WU1945380
8.Theresa Beppler-AltGER WU1944374
9.Lydia BuchalGER WU1943470
10.Julia McKinleyCAN WU1944260

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Goalkeeper Statistics

1.Jana WilhelmsenGER WU19416194.11
2.Thilde FredriksenNOR WU19413192.85
3.Christa BrunnGER WU19454591.52
4.Maiken EllisNOR WU19430390.90
5.Mackenzie McCulloughCAN WU19421387.50
6.Sophie KleinschmidtGER WU19421484.00
7.Raven TabobandungCAN WU194471181.03
8.Nastja SchonAUT WU1941795177.82
9.Viktoriia ProskurniaUKR WU1941785875.42

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