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Women´s WFC 2013 facts and figures: New TV & Spectator records

The WFC in Czech Republic was a success in both spectator and TV numbers and a new C... — 19.12.2013

New Women´s WFC total attendance record

43 806 spectators is the new total attendance record for Women´s World Floorball Championships. The previous Women´s WFC spe... — 15.12.2013

Sweden is the WFC 2013 champion

Anna Jakobsson was the name of the game in the final match scoring a hattrick and leading Sweden to a 5-1 victory against Finland. The... — 15.12.2013

Women´s WFC 2013

9th Women´s World Championships

7th - 15th December 2013
Brno & Ostrava, Czech Republic
Vodova Arena, Brno 7-10 Dec
CEZ Arena, Ostrava 11-15 Dec

Official WFC 2013 website: www.wfc2013.cz

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Final Standings

4.Czech Republic

ASICS Golden Shoe MVP
Sandra Mattsson (SWE)

WFC 2013 All-Star Team
Forward: Sandra Mattsson (SWE)
Anna Wijk (SWE)
Emelie Lindström (SWE)
Silvana Nötzli (SUI)
Moa Tschöp (SWE)
Jana Christianova (CZE)

Play-off Matches
10.12. 09:00 Play-off 3: NFR W - GER W1-2
10.12. 12:00 Play-off 1: POL W - DEN W7-4
10.12. 15:00 Play-off 2: NOR W - AUS W7-3
10.12. 18:00 Play-off 4: LAT W - SVK W4-3
11.12. 17:00 Quarter-final 3: FIN W - NOR W5-2
11.12. 20:00 Quarter-final 1: SWE W - LAT W12-2
12.12. 17:00 Quarter-final 4: CZE W - POL W10-1
12.12. 20:00 Quarter-final 2: SUI W - GER W8-0
14.12. 14:00 Semi-final 1: SUI W - FIN W2-6
14.12. 17:00 Semi-final 2: SWE W - CZE W9-2
15.12. 12:30 Bronze game: SUI W - CZE W4-3 ot.
15.12. 15:30 Final: FIN W - SWE W1-5

Placement Matches
11.12. 16:00 Match 13th-16th 1: CAN W - KOR W11-0
11.12. 19:00 Match 13th-16th 2: HUN W - JPN W5-3
12.12. 09:00 Match 9th-12th 1: AUS W - NFR W4-11
12.12. 12:00 Match 9th-12th 2: DEN W - SVK W3-4 ot.
12.12. 16:00 15th place: KOR W - JPN W1-5
12.12. 19:00 13th place: CAN W - HUN W6-5 ot.
13.12. 09:00 11th place: AUS W - DEN W4-9
13.12. 12:00 9th place: NFR W - SVK W4-6
13.12. 17:00 Match 5th-8th 1: LAT W - POL W9-0
13.12. 20:00 Match 5th-8th 2: GER W - NOR W1-7
14.12. 11:00 7th place: POL W - GER W3-1
15.12. 09:30 5th place: LAT W - NOR W4-3 ot.

Player Statistics

Scoring Leaders

1.Anna WijkSWE W6712192
2.Emelie LindstromSWE W6511160
3.Cecilia Di NardoDEN W6105152
4.Anna JakobssonSWE W6105152
5.Michaela SponiarovaSVK W687150
6.Sandra MattssonSWE W6104140
7.Annika BengtssonDEN W6311140
8.Jessica LaidlerAUS W674110
9.Lucia JelinkovaSVK W665110
10.Amanda LarssonSWE W665110

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Goalkeeper Statistics

1.Emelie FriskSWE W6140100.00
2.Helen BircherSUI W644491.66
3.Kristyna ProvazkovaCZE W616288.88
4.Malin MarklundSWE W657887.69
5.Laura LoisaFIN W639686.66
6.Alexandra NovakovaSVK W619386.36
7.Monika SchmidSUI W6621086.11
8.Chika SatoJPN W5831485.56
9.Indra ReckGER W71071984.92
10.Ida ChristensenDEN W633684.61

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WFC Qualifications

Sixteen (16) teams will compete for the title of Women´s World Champion. Five (5) countries were directly qualified to the Final Round according to the results from the WFC 2011 held in St Gallen, Switzerland.

The remaining eleven (11) teams for the Final Round were decided in regional qualification tournaments, held in Europe, Asia-Oceania, and the Americas. According to the IFF Quota calculations, seven (7) teams qualified from Europe, three (3) from Asia-Oceania, and one (1) from the Americas.

For results and statistics from all of the qualification events, go to the Event pages:

EUR 1 - Latvia
EUR 2 - Poland
AOFC - Korea

More on the WFC tournament mode is found here.

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