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Men´s WFC 2004

5th Men´s World Championships

Zürich & Kloten, Switzerland

16th - 23rd of May 2004

A-Division Standings

1. Sweden
2. Czech Republic
3. Finland
4. Switzerland
5. Norway
6. Latvia
7. Russia
8. Germany
9. Denmark
10. Austria

Austria relegated to the B-Division in Sweden 2006

B-Division Standings

1. Italy
2. Estonia
3. Hungary
4. Netherlands
5. Slovenia
6. Great Britain
7. USA
8. Australia
9. Singapore

Italy promoted to the A-Division in Sweden 2006

Group A Standings
1.SWE M440065-68
2.CZE M430137-116
3.NOR M420243-304
4.GER M410313-652
5.AUT M40046-520
Group B Standings
1.SUI M440033-128
2.FIN M430149-76
3.LAT M410315-252
4.RUS M410313-362
5.DEN M410314-442

Group A Schedule & Statistics

Group B Schedule & Statistics

Group C Standings
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Group D Standings
1.EST M330017-86
2.NED M311119-173
3.SLO M311115-133
4.AUS M30038-210

Group C Schedule & Statistics

Group D Schedule & Statistics

Final Standings

Final Match
23.05. 16:00 Final: SWE M - CZE M6-4
B-Final Match (11th place)
22.05. 13:00 Final: ITA M - EST M6-5 ot.
Bronze Match
23.05. 12:30 Bronze game: FIN M - SUI M8-7 ps.
B-Semifinal 1
21.05. 19:00 Semi-final A: ITA M - NED M3-2
Semifinal 1
22.05. 16:00 Semi-final A: SWE M - FIN M5-3
B-Semifinal 2
21.05. 13:00 Semi-final B: EST M - HUN M6-4
Semifinal 2
22.05. 19:00 Semi-final B: SUI M - CZE M3-5
13th place
22.05. 10:00 Bronze game: NED M - HUN M4-10
5th place
21.05. 13:00 5th place: NOR M - LAT M6-4
15th place
21.05. 16:00 5th place: GBR M - SLO M4-9
7th place
21.05. 10:00 7th place: GER M - RUS M5-10
17th place
21.05. 13:00 7th place: USA M - AUS M2-1
9th place
21.05. 16:00 9th place: AUT M - DEN M4-6

Scoring Leaders All Matches of A-division

1.Matthias HofbauerSUI M61111220
2.Niklas JihdeSWE M6129212
3.Christoph HofbauerSUI M6105150
4.Raymond EvensenNOR M587150
5.Anders HellgardSWE M678152
6.Tero KarppanenFIN M6104142
7.Mika KohonenFIN M5113140
8.Willy FauskangerNOR M5761312
9.Henrik QuistSWE M657122
10.Pavel KozusnikCZE M639124

Scoring Leaders All Matches of B-division

1.Dennis SchmidtHUN M61014244
2.Terry SamwellNED M598174
3.Fabio TerlizziITA M6114150
4.Rino BartoloITA M6410140
5.Krisztian NadorHUN M6102129
6.Rein KiviEST M5931231
7.Andrea De IccoITA M6391210
8.Rob LabruyereNED M583112
9.Oliver SchmidtHUN M683114
10.Jens StanfieldGBR M556114

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WFC All Star Team 2004:

Goalkeeper:Henri Toivoniemi, Finland
Defender:Jari-Pekka Lehtonen, Finland
Defender: Jakob Olofsson, Sweden
Center: Mika Kohonen, Finland
Forward: Matthias Hofbauer, Switzerland
Forward: Niklas Jihde, Sweden

Winner of the scoring league: Matthias Hofbauer, Switzerland

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