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Women in Floorball seminar

WOMEN IN FLOORBALL SEMINARThursday 7th December 2017Bratislava, Slovakia The International Floorball Federation is pleased ... — 13.10.2017

Girls Floorball Summer Camp in Mellensee

Floorball Sommercamp is a project run by the local Floorball Federation "Floorball Verband Berlin-Brandenburg e.V." (FVBB). After r... — 13.7.2015

Girls Only! FC Stern Munich Girl´s Day 2015

Girls OnlyGirl´s Day 2015 at FC Stern Munich On 16th - 17th May, the most successful women´s club in south Germany, FC... — 27.5.2015

GoGirls! Floorball

GoGirls! Floorball is the IFF project aimed at helping to increase and promote the participation of girls and women in floorball throughout the world.

The IFF aims to provide guidance on the different challenges faced by girls in obtaining access to participation in sport, and to help break down those barriers within the international Floorball family.

Floorball should be for all, and it is important to understand the different motivations and expectations that girls have for their sporting experience.

The key factors for the project are:

  1. Getting girls to play
  2. Teaching girls to play
  3. Keeping girls playing

The IFF, in conjunction with several of our Member Associations, has produced materials that can be used by individuals, clubs, local organisations or National Associations to help develop their girl´s floorball programmes.

All of the material is provided free-of-charge in pdf format and can be downloaded from the IFF website.

Topic Materials
Ways to begin or develop girl´s floorball

Afternoon Club Start-up Guide

Buddy Training

Programmes for Girls

Designing Programmes for Girls

Financing new programmes

Parent´s, Coaches, Mentors

Parent´s Guide

The Important People

Understanding Girl´s Participation

Why do girls participate?

Barriers to participation

Benefits of participation

Encouraging Participation

Encouraging participation

Quick Guide

If you have questions about the IFF GoGirls! Floorball project please contact us.

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