Floorball Champions Cup

Classic wins a thriller against Chodov — 03.10.2015

Finnish and Czech champions Classic and Florbal Chodov played the most even game so far of Champions Cup 2015. Despite the enthusiastic and loud home crowd, Classic held on to win the thriller 4-3. 

It didn’t take long for the Finnish Champions to score their first goal. Within five minutes the Finnish national team player, Eliisa Alanko, had scored two goals for Classic. Their third came later in the period when, after almost 12 minutes had been played, Ella Alanko passed from behind the goal to find Anne Suomalainen.  Chodov finished strongly in the period, scoring their first when Jana Vojackova´s low shot bounced from the goalie Kreeta Lakkala’s leg to the goal. They lifted their game another step and in the last minute, at 19:37, Vojackova was once again successful, putting a rebound shot past the keeper.

Classic started the second period with a bang. Ella Alanko passed a free-hit to Nina Rantala who was left unguarded in the middle and scored. Instead of more goals, a few penalties were seen during the physical second period. Chodov’s Martina Repkova got two minutes for tackling and three minutes later Classic’s Mari Alila got two minutes for incorrect pushing. During the last minutes Chodov’s Gabriela Tozickova got a penalty for playing with hand. All three power plays were ineffective and thus Classic won the even period 1-0.

Early in the final period Ella Alanko accidentally hit Chodov’s player in the face and was penalised for high stick, but once again, no goals were scored during power play. With only a two-goal difference in the match, the result was in the balance. Classic were not able to dominate and Chodov´s confidence was growing. When Chodov got the score to 4-3 with a beautiful shot to the left top corner by Zuzana Tuckova, the tempo of the game lifted dramatically.

The last few minutes of the match made the home crowd louder than ever. Chodov played with an empty net and despite several scoring chances, Classic held on to win 4-3. Tomorrow Classic will meet the Swedish Champion KAIS Mora in the Final 12:15 (CET)

Classic v Florbal Chodov:

1 - 0 01.02 6. Eliisa Alanko
2 - 0 02.56 6. Eliisa Alanko
3 - 0 11.41 20. Anne Suomalainen
3 - 1 14.37 24. Jana Vojackova
3 - 2 19.27 24. Jana Vojackova
4 - 2 21.07 21. Nina Rantala
4 - 3 47.52 7. Zuzana Tuckova
Referees: Thomas Baumgartner - Thomas Kläsi
Penalties: 2-3
Saves: 10-12
Periods: 3-2, 1-0, 0-1
Attendance: 847