Floorball Champions Cup

Chur scores eight goals and sails through to semifinals — 02.10.2015

This is a very cruel result for the Czech vice-champions. Although the Prague players resisted their opponents, the result of their game against Chur did not turn out well. The Swiss champions went ahead by 5 goals in the second period and safely kept their lead during the rest of the game. This means that the significantly rejuvenated Herbadent squad will not repeat the successful performance from four years ago. Back then the team made it to the semifinals in Mladá Boleslav, but this time they are going to fight for the fifth place only.

Both teams started the game carefully in the first ten minutes. The first scoring opportunity came in the tenth minute only and it was converted into a goal. Zwinggi caught the hesitating Herbadent defence unawares and sent the ball uncompromisingly into the net. The minutes later, the Swiss team struck again. This time Zwinggi assisted and prepared the goal for Ladina Sgier.

Herbadent tried to bounce back after the bad start of the game and managed to get into a few promising chances, but none of them ended with a goal. On the contrary, the Swiss players scored three times in four minutes. First it was Zwinggi, who scored her second of the game after an unlucky moment by the defender Sádková. Katrin Zwinggi played a very good game against Herbadent. Only a while later she sent a shot at the opponents´ goal and although it wasn´t the best of shots, her alert teammate Ulber tipped the ball into the net.

And Chur delivered a fifth blow for the Prague team as well. And it was again with Zwinggi´s contribution. This time she combined well with her colleagues from her line against Herbadent´s defence and Manuela Dominioni´s shot found the virtually empty net. After Chur´s fifth goal Herbadent created some pressure but without any significant amount of shots. Hence the score after two periods stood at 5:0.

While Chur being aware of their safe lead slightly slackened off, Prague players made a real effort to score their first goal in the game. First they wasted a power play, but in the 55th minute they finally succeeded. Šteglová found Billá from a set piece, and the latter didn´t hesitate at the far post.

Chur responded to the conceded goal in their own way and increased their lead with three more goals. With only a second left in the game, Košturiaková made a last correction of the score. Although Herbadent players did not fall behind their opponents in particular game elements on the court so much, the final score was clearly in favour of the Swiss team. Chur will, therefore, fight for the final tomorrow, whereas Herbadent will have to settle for the fifth place game.

Piranha Chur - Herbadent Praha 11 SJM

goals: 10. Katrin Zwinggi, 13. Ladina Sgier, 32. Katrin Zwinggi, 34. Seraina Ulber, 36. Manuela Dominioni, 55. Katrin Zwinggi, 57. Flurina Marti, 60. Ramona Ludwig - 55. Denisa Billá, 60. Lucia Košturiaková; referees: Henri Heinola - Manu Marttinen; penalties: 1:0; PP goals: 0:0; attendance: 802; goalie saves: Lara Heini 16 - Jana Christianová 19; periods: 2:0, 3:0, 3:2;