Floorball Champions Cup

Czech Champions from Chodov thrash Sveiva by 9:3 — 02.10.2015

The Champions Cup was opened by the women´s quarterfinal game between the Czech champions from Chodov and the EuroFloorball Cup winners from Sveiva, Norway. Chodov players confirmed their role of favourites and won by 9:3.

Besides the early morning start, the beginning of the match was also influenced by the nervousness of the Czech champions from Chodov. They learned the fact that they´re playing a game that will decide about their success or failure at the Champions Cup in the worst possible way – by conceding a goal. But Sveiva´s lead lasted only seven seconds before Řepková found the ball and sent it to the top corner of Malin Dahler´s goal.

Chodov´s unconvincing performance in the first ten minutes was crowned by Plášková´s penalty, which however, ironically, helped the Czech champions. While playing shorthanded, Bachmaierová intercepted a pass, quickly moved the game to the opponent´s half and in cooperation with Vojáčková they outplayed the unorganized defence, after which Jarolímová sent Chodov into a 2:1 lead with an effective chip shot. In the 12th minute, the same player kept a cool head face to face with Dahler and increased the lead to 3:1 with a successful backhand shot.

The short-handed goal increased Chodov players self-confidence, which they really needed. From the 12th minute onwards their performance was much more confident, which was proved by the fourth goal, when Chodov completely froze out Sveiva´s defence after a combination from the corner and Vojáčková didn´t have problem converting her opportunity.

Chodov completely dominated early in the second period as well, when Vojáčková and Klímová each added one goal within two minutes. And it was goal number 6 scored by Klímová that made the guest coach take a time-out. But this, ironically, led only to another allowed goal, this time scored by Paulovičová. Then it was the Norwegian team who added a goal after the Latvians playing for Sveiva, Isjomina and Bilinska, got into a two-on-one breakaway and Bilinska found the net of a virtually empty goal. But only a few minutes later, Chodov played a powerplay due to Bilinska´s penalty, in which Anet Jarolímová, with a bit of luck, completed her hat-trick.

Despite being completely dominant from about the 10th minute, the Czech team couldn´t avoid some minor mistakes, such as before Sveiva´s third goal early in the third period. Provázková deflected the ball into her own goal after Bilinska´s easy shot. But Chodov´s performance also brought some moving moments. In the 50th minute, the defender Tožičková scored a goal and from underneath her jersey she pulled out a nicely folded transparent reading: “I´m playing for you, mum!”

Despite the unconvincing begninning of the game, the Czech champions from Florbal Chodov proved their quality and after a 9:3 victory against the Norwegian team Sveiva they reach the semifinals. There they will face the champions from Finland, Classic.


goals: 8. Martina Řepková, 10. Anet Jarolímová, 12. Anet Jarolímová, 17. Jana Vojáčková, 22. Jana Vojáčková, 23. Magdalena Klímová, 27. Lucie Paulovičová, 40. Anet Jarolímová, 50. Gabriela Tožičková – 8. Kristine Torp, 31. Luize Bilinska, 41. Luize Bilinska; referees: Glenn Boström – Håkan Söderman; penalties: 2:3; PP goals: 2:0; attendance: 1612; goalie saves: Kristýna Provázková 11 – Malin Dahler 19; periods: 4:1, 4:1, 1:1;