Floorball Champions Cup

Referee presentations for Champions Cup — 29.09.2015

The IFF Referee Committee has nominated following referees to the Champions Cup 2015. The head of the referees is Mr. Lukas Gyger from Switzerland and the referee observers is Mr. Lubos Maly from Czech Republic.

-The nominated referees are very experienced and we already know from the previous Champions Cups that these games can be very demanding and hectic, comments Mr.Klaus Koskela, the chairman of the IFF RC.  

-The games between club teams are not the same as the games between national teams and since this is a relatively short tournament we also need to have our referees in the top shape, he concludes.

Henri Heinola

Henri Heinola, is a 32-year-old engineer from Helsinki, Finland. He has been a referee for over a decade and started his international career in the beginning of 2013. They were also refereeing in the MU19 WFC in Helsingborg in May 2015.

Manu Marttinen is 36 years old and he is also an engineer. He works for the road constructions in Finland. He has almost 15 years´ experience of refereeing and also several years in the highest Finnish league.

Manu Marttinen

Martins Gross

Martins Gross started his referee career 10 years ago in Latvia and his present occupation is referee. He started his international career in 2007 with his present partner. He lives in Liepaja, a coastal region by the Baltic Sea.


Martins Larinovs is 30 years old and he has been a referee for a decade and an IFF referee since 2007. He lives in Rubene and is a very eager cook and one of his favourite hobby is to pick mushrooms. He and his pair have refereed around 90 international matches.

Martins Larinovs

Thomas Baumgartner

Thomas Baumgartner works as a sales manager and they celebrated their 20 years career as referees recently. He lives in a small village called Linden, near Berne. This is the 6th consecutive Men´s WFC for him and his pair.  

Thomas Kläsi is 41 years old and works in an insurance company. He is also a part time farmer and takes care of his own farm called "Kläsihof". He is married and has four kids.

Thomas Kläsi

Glenn Boström

Glenn Boström is 40 years of age and works as an IT-consultant. He´s married and has two kids. He also has a player background and actually he has won the Swedish U19 championship with his team way back in 1992.

Håkan Söderman is one of the most experienced referees on the international level. He´s 46 years old, works as a Floorball consultant and is married and has numerous kids.

Håkan Söderman