Floorball Champions Cup

CC 2015 Team Presentations Men — 25.09.2015

Six top floorball teams will play in the Men’s Champions Cup 2015.

The national champions from Tatran Omlux Stresovice (CZE), SPV (FIN), Falun (SWE) and SV Wiler-Ersigen (SUI) together with the Czech silver medallist, Florbal MB, and the EFC 2014 champion Slevik IBK (NOR), will battle for the CC title.

The Champions Cup is played in Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic 2-4.10.2015.

All matches will be streamed live on the IFF YouTube channel.

You can find the Men´s CC 2015 schedule and statistics here.

Team Presentations:

Falun: Sweden’s national champion and also a Champions Cup winner two years in a row. Falun is a team that plays offensive floorball and their main goal is to defend their title and return home as winners.
Players to watch:
Rasmus Enström: One of the best players in the world.
Alexander Galante-Carlström: One of the faces of Champions Cup who shines in the big games.
Emil Johansson: Despite his small size, he is a big player.


 #7 R. Enström


 #9 A.Galante-Carlström

 #22 E. Johansson

Florbal MB: The team has been rebuilt in last few seasons and it was joined by very good and potential players. The popular Czech team lost in the tight Superfinal and thus is the current silver medallist.
Players to watch:
Jan Jelinek: Czech national team captain and also the current captain of the team.
Jiri Curney: Czech national team forward, best scorer of AutoCont extraliga 14/15. A skilled player who has a great slapshot.
Jan Natov: Big transfer from Tatran Stresovice. Czech national team forward who has a great sweeper shot.


 #33 J. Jelinek


 #40 J. Curney


 #88 J. Natov


Slevik IBK: Four-time national champion in Norway, who like to play offensive floorball. Their dream is to meet Falun in the semifinals thus their goal is to win Tatran Stresovice in the quarterfinals.
Players to watch:
Thomas Stræte: Promoted player of the year 4 times in Norway (2008,2011,2012,2013). This player wins matches by his own.
Johan Åhlberg: Unstoppable player when in the right mood. Right forward who provides a lot of points.
Jonas Gustavsen: The best defensive defender in Norwegian floorball. Norway’s best player in WFC 2014 Gothenburg. Never plays a bad match.


 #24 T. Straete


 #19 J. Åhlberg


 #23 J. Gustavsen

SPV: SPV is a three-time Finnish champion. In the Champions Cup in 2012 they were 3rd, and in 2013 they were 2nd. This time their goal is to do better, than in the previous CC tournaments. Third time´s the charm?
Players to watch:
Mika Kohonen: Chosen as the best floorball player in the world five times. Two-time WFC Champion.
Mikko Kohonen: Also a two-time WFC Champion and one of the best scorers in the Finnish league.
Jarno Ihme: A great goalie who helped SPV reach the gold.


 #29 M. Kohonen


 #17 M. Kohonen


 #28 J. Ihme

SV Wiler-Ersigen: Swiss champion SV Wiler-Ersigen has recruited a lot of new players and youngsters. The team’s aim is to make it to the semifinals.
Players to watch:
Tatu Väänänen: Captain of the Finnish national team and was chosen to the All Stars Team in the last WFC. MVP of the Swiss league season 2014/2015.
Matthias Hofbauer: Swiss floorball legend. Two-time top scorer of the WFC.
Jami Manninen: Top scorer of the Finnish league during season 2014/2015.


 #21 T. Väänänen

 #19  M. Hofbauer


 #81 J. Manninen

Tatran Omlux Stresovice:  Tatran has a very young but a very strong team. They have won the Czech National Championship title 16 times. After three years, their main goal is to make it to the final.
Players to watch:
Tomáš Kafka: The oldest man in the team and also the best goalkeeper in Czech Republic. Plays in the national team.
Marek Deutsch: Czech national team player who has played 11 years in Czech league. Also the captain of the team.
Marek Beneš: 17-year-old star who is the brain of the first line. Also a national team player.


 #69 T. Kafka


 #10 M. Deutsch

 #35 M. Benes