Floorball Champions Cup

Champions Cup 2016 played in Borås, Sweden — 10.09.2015

Champions Cup is top-level floorball played by the world´s best women´s and men´s club teams. The 2016 tournament will be taking place at Boråshallen arena from 30th September to 2nd October.

Champions Cup is an annual floorball event that is played in Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. The fact that women and men take part in the same tournament makes the floorball event unique. The tournament was last held in Sweden in 2012 when Dalen floorball club hosted the event in Umeå.

It is now Borås´ turn to organise the championships.

– "We are proud to be hosting a prestigious international top competitive event in Sweden once again and are looking forward to working with Borås to welcome the world´s best women´s and men´s club teams. We have excellent experience from previous events hosted by Borås and are confident that together we can deliver a first-rate Champions Cup in Boråshallen," says Tomas Engholm, President of the Swedish Floorball Federation.

Champions Cup 2015 is taking place in Mlada Boreslav, the Czech Republic. The teams representing Sweden are KAIS Mora (women) and IBF Falun (men). A delegation from the Swedish Floorball Federation, Borås and the organising club Fristad GoIF will be there to take the baton for the event in 2016.

– "The last time we hosted a major floorball event here in Borås was during the Finnkampen athletics competitions in 2013, when we staged a real floorball festival. Champions Cup is ideal for us because we have the arena and the organisational capability to manage and support an event of this size. It is our aim to deliver the best tournament ever," says Ulf Olsson, Chairman of the Municipal Executive Board of Borås.

The Cup is a direct elimination tournament. The quarter-finals are played on Friday, the semi-finals on Saturday and the finals and placement matches on Sunday. The tournament consists of six women´s teams and six men´s teams. The teams qualify for the tournament as follows:

- The Champion teams from Finland, Switzerland, Sweden and the Czech Republic (4 teams)
- The winner of the Euro Floorball Cup (1 team)
- One additional team from the host country (1 team)

For more information, please contact:
The Swedish Floorball Federation
Magnus Nilsson, Events Manager: +46 (0)760 38 20 41, magnus.nilsson@innebandy.se

Fristad GoIF
Magnus Bergenholtz, chairman Fristad GoIF,  +46 (0)701 46 89 70, magnus.bergenholtz@hb.se

Recreation and public health, City of Borås
Tommy Jingfors, +46 (0)734 15 33 76, tommy.jingfors@boras.se

BoråsBorås TME AB
Marita Curran, +46 (0)734 15 32 06, marita.curran@boras.com