Floorball Champions Cup

Galante-Carlström: I’m really looking forward to the Champions Cup — 09.09.2015

He is one of the world’s best floorball players, if not currently the best one. The Swedish champion Alex Galante-Carlström from IBF Falun will come to Mladá Boleslav for the 2015 Champions Cup as a player who was voted by floorball fans on social networks to become one of the faces of the tournament. “I enjoy being in the footlights, so I was pleased to find this out,” the likeable twenty-six-year-old scorer comments with a bit of exaggeration on the fans’ actions.

IBF Falun, the Swedish champion, has a roster packed with stars. The competition in the team is so fierce that even the Finnish legend Tero Tiitu lost his spot in the squad and left the three-time Swedish champions in July. IBF Falun’s biggest offensive strength is in the hands of two players – Rasmus Enström and Alexander Galante-Carlström.

“I’m really looking forward to the Champions Cup,” Galante-Carlström says one month before the opening game in the ice-hockey arena in Mladá Boleslav, and he adds: “The Czech Republic is a big floorball nation. I hope many spectators will come to Mladá Boleslav.”

Czech fans are known in the floorball world for creating great and loud atmosphere. “The Czechs really love floorball. I’ve already played in the Czech Republic a few times, so I know how amazing atmosphere the Czechs can create. Although, I hope they will be able to raise their standard even more at the Champions Cup in Mladá Boleslav!” Galante-Carlström encourages fans and invites them to the stands of the ice-hockey stadium in Mladá Boleslav.

The Swedish superstar also didn’t forget to thank all fans who virtually got him to the event poster. “It’s a huge honour as well as evidence that I’m doing quite a good job on the court. I enjoy being in the footlights, so I was pleased to find out the voting results. My thanks go to everyone who voted for me on Facebook!”

He will have a chance to repay the fans for their votes already from 2nd to 4th October at the Champions Cup in Mladá Boleslav with a performance that can be expected from a Swedish champion. Tournament tickets can be bought in advance sale.