Floorball Champions Cup

Falun taught Tatran a floorball lesson — 03.10.2015

One insider joke from a dressing room goes: “Let the opponents have a taste and then thrash them.” And that´s exactly what the Czech champions Tatran Střešovice experienced in their match against IBF Falun. The favourites from Sweden demolished them in the semifinal by 11:2.

In the first twelve minutes, Falun players were rather sizing up their opponents. The Swedish Superligan champions took control of the game from the very beginning, but Střešovice, also thanks to loud instructions from their coach Jakoubek, managed to mark their opponents in time and block their shots. The image of the game changed with the first goal by Simon Palmén, who was allowed three rebound shots by Tatran defenders. Exactly one minute later the goalie Rebro got confused by a high-flying ball, which Skog managed to find in front of the disoriented goalie and sent it to the net.

From this rather unlucky goal there was only one team on the court – the Swedish Falun. Tatran´s helplessness and certain resignation were also apparent in the number of shots in the first period – 9:1 for Falun. And it wasn´t any better in the rest of the game – in the second part, Tatran sent four shots on Johan Rehn´s goal, one of which – the one from a short distance in a power play – found the net. It was scored by Milan Fridrich, but the score at that time stood at 8:0, so it was only a consolation goal, rather than an attempt to turn the game around.

Only few of Tatran´s players could bear comparison with any of IBF Falun´s players not belonging to the first line, as this line shows floorball from a different galaxy. One of the above-mentioned Tatran players is the goalie Michal Rebro. Although he could be partly blamed for the second and eleventh Falun´s goal, he showed a very good performance in front of the eyes of both national team coaches and was asking to be called up for the national team, maybe already for the Euro Floorball Tour in November.

If there was anything the 1518 spectators in the arena could enjoy, it was every single touch of the ball by the first Falun line. It doesn´t happen every day that Czech fans have a chance to watch floorball skills by the trio Galante-Carlström – Adriansson – Enström. The duo Enström – Galante-Carlström scored five of the total eleven goals.

IBF Falun easily confirmed their role of favourites in the second semifinal and won by 11:2. In the tomorrow´s final they will face SV Wiler-Ersigen.

IBF Falun - Tatran Omlux Střešovice 11:2
goals: 12. Simon Palmén, 13. Johannes Skog, 15. Rasmus Enström, 20. Emil Johansson, 21. Rasmus Enström, 24. Alexander Galante Carlström, 27. Alexander Galante Carlström, 27. Simon Cederström, 38. Johan Fahlström, 48. Rasmus Enström, 50. Johan Fahlström - 35. Milan Fridrich, 60. Filip Ullmann; referees: Henri Heinola - Manu Marttinen; penalties: 2:4; PP goals: 2:1; attendance: 1518; goalie saves: Johan Rehn 12, Eric Norberg 1 - Michal Rebro 32; periods: 4:0, 5:1, 2:1;