Floorball Champions Cup

Piranha beats Nauka-Trevelstroy without problems — 03.10.2014

In the last game of group B of the women´s tournament Swiss champions Piranha Chur had no problems with Nauka-Trevelstroy. Chur won the game 9-2 and finished the group on the first position.

After the very intense game against SB-Pro the day before, Piranha Chur tried to save energy against the Russian underdogs of Nauka-Trevelstroy. The Swiss made some changes in the first two lines and, moreover, the third line played from the very beginning. This led to a pretty slow game because Piranha didn´t want to go the pace of the game against SB-Pro and Nauka couldn´t go faster. Anyway, against the third line of the Swiss team the Russians had some nice moves and dangerous shots. Nevertheless, only the Swiss champions scored during the first period to a 2:0 lead until the first break.

Nauka managed to score after a counterattack

After only 2:30 minutes in the second period Piranha´s third line scored the 3-0. It seemed as if the Swiss champions had decided to accelerate quite a bit. But it remained the same, not too fast not too intense game of the first period. Only when Nauka managed to play a successful counter-attack and scored their first goal Piranha reacted and put more efforts in their game. But this was just until they scored the 4-1 lead. Afterwards, it was Nauka who performed pretty well. Still, no more goals were scored during the second period.

Higher pace from Piranha led to five more goals

The last period started almost in the same way as the second one did. After a bit more than two minutes Piranha Chur scored. And also like in the second period, Nauka succeeded after a fast counter-attack. But this time, the answer of the Swiss champions came fast and it came strong. Within only four minutes they scored three more times and decided the game definitively. At the final whistle it was a 9-2 win for Piranha Chur and the first place in group B.

Best Players:
Nauka: Nr. 11 Maria Okulova
Piranha: Nr. 26 Tiia Ukkonen

(Photos: MichaelPeter/André Burri)
Morephotos from the match by Michael Peterand André Burri can be foundon IFFFlickr.