Floorball Champions Cup

SB-Pro wins the opening game against Nauka-Trevelstroy — 01.10.2014

SB-Pro Nurmijärvi from Finland met the Russian team, Nauka-Trevelstroy in the opening game of the Champions Cup 2014 in Zurich. The Finnish team, including several national players, won 13-2.

Although SB-Pro was clearly the favourite in this match, the Russians from Nauka-Trevelstroy started with some good opportunities. In the third minute, Nauka-Trevelstroy opened the score with a beautiful forehand-goal of Svetlana Viktorova, however, the Russian lead did not last too long. SB-Pro tied the game within seconds. Subsequently, the Finnish champions scored seven more unanswered goals, giving an 8-1 lead for SB-Pro at the first break.

The second period started with a penalty against the Russians, because they returned too late to the field, but the Finnish team did not score in that powerplay. It actually took them ten minutes to score the first and only goal in the second period. In the 34th minute, SB-Pro´s number 22, Laura Hietamäki, failed to convert a penalty shot and again they could not convert the powerplay chance.  

Three goals in the last minute

The last period of the opening game started in the same manner as the second one ended. SB-Pro took the lead; Nauka-Trevelstroy was under pressure. Nevertheless, the Finnish team, led by Head Coach Timo Suonpaa did not show their best floorball. Even though they managed 13 goals, with Laura Hietamäki top-scoring with 3+0, their offence was at times less potent than it could have been. In the last minute of the game the Russians scored their second goal and SB-Pro answered with two more goals in 60 seconds.

In the end, the favourite from Finland won against the Russian champion 13-2. Even though the first period was by far the strongest one in the whole game.

Best Players:
SB-Pro: Ella Sundström
Nauka-Trevelstroy: Svetlana Viktorova



(Photos: Michael Peter/André Burri)

More photos from the match by Michael Peter and André Burri can be found on IFF Flickr.