Floorball Champions Cup

Champions Cup 2014 Match Schedule — 23.05.2014

The match schedule for the 4th edition of the Men´s and Women´s Champions Cup is now published.

Download the PDF version of the schedule here (TV might still change the schedule).

The Champions Cup is the championship tournament for the European Top Club teams. The tournament will be played with 12 teams, 6 men´s teams and 6 women´s teams, October 1st - 5th 2014 in Zurich, Switzerland.

Men’s Champions Cup teams:

Group A: IBF Falun (SWE), SV Wiler-Ersigen (SUI), Cesu Alus/Lekrings (LAT)
Group B: Happee Jyväskylä (FIN), 1.SC Vitkovice (CZE), GC Zurich (SUI)

Women’s Champions Cup teams:

Group A: Djurgårdens IF IBF (SWE), 1.SC Vitkovice (CZE), Zug United (SUI)
Group B: SB-Pro Nurmijärvi (FIN), Piranha Chur (SUI), Nauka-Trevelstroy (RUS)

Champions Cup Playing System

The Champions Cup is the championship tournament for the European Top 4 ranked Club teams. The tournament is played with six  teams for both men and women (12 teams in total). The lower ranked European Club teams play in the EuroFloorball Cup (EFC).

The winner of the Champions Cup receives 10000 CHF of price money and the runner-up receives 5000 CHF price money. Also the reigning EuroFloorball Champion receives EFC of 5000 CHF, if participating in the CC.

The ranking of a group is decided by each team playing each other once within the group, where 3 points are awarded for a win during ordinary game time, 2 points are awarded for a win in a Penaltyshoot-out (performed according to the game rules for penalty shots after extra time), if the game ended in a draw after ordinary time and one 1 point for a loss after a Penalty shot out and 0 points for a loss.

The ranking within a group shall be decided in the following order:
a) The total number of points.
b) If two or more teams have the same number of points the internal matches of the teams concerned, the internal goal difference if necessary included, shall be decisive.
c) If the internal matches according to b) are not decisive, most scored goals internally shall be decisive.
d) If the ranking can not be decided by the internal matches the total goal difference of the teams concerned shall be decisive.
e) If the total goal difference is not decisive most scored goals of the teams concerned shall be decisive.
f) If most scored goals is not decisive a drawing of lot with the teams concerned shall settle the ranking,
unless the ranking concerns only the two teams playing a last round match deciding about promotion or relegation when extra time and, if needed, penalty shots shall decide the ranking. The results of all matches versus a team which has missed a match or matches, and lost these By walk over 5-0, shall not have an affect on the final ranking between teams having ended up in the same amount of points unless the team having missed the match or matches is itself involved.

Continued play after the group matches shall be as follows:
Semi-final 1 Winner of group A – 2nd of group B
Semi-final 2 Winner of group B – 2nd of group A
Final Winner of Semi-final 1/2 – Winner of Semi-final 1/2
A drawing of lots shall decide which team shall be the home team of the final.

The above matches shall, when ending in a draw, be decided according to the IFF Rules of the Game concerning extra-time and, if necessary, penalty shots

More in the Champions Cup competition regulations.