Floorball Champions Cup

Falun & Djurgården Swedish Champions — 14.04.2014

 Both the Men´s and Women´s finals were only decided with sudden death goals. Both teams now have a ticket to the Champions Cup 2014 played in Zurich.

8 839 spectators watched the women´s final in the Malmö Arena. The match was a very tight from start- With Silvana Nötzli´s two goals KAIS Mora was still leading with one goal with less than three minutes to go, but Moa Tschcöp´s equalised in 18.18. In the fifth minute of the overtime Ranja Varli, who had a number of chances already earlier, finally succeeded to score and Djurgården won the Swedish championship gold.

- We have many in our team who can decide a match. I had missed a number of chances and it was frustrating. To be the one scoring the decisive goal was extremely nice, Ranja Varli said after the match to www.innebandy.se.

Game statistics:
KAIS Mora-Djurgården 5-6 (1-1, 1-2, 3-2, 0-1)

1st period
1-0 (3.46) Malin Andréasson (Sara Kristofferson)
1-1 (9.47) Emelie Lindström (Emma Dahlström)

2nd period
1-2 (14.38) Sandra Mattsson
1-3 (15.59) Moa Tschöp
2-3 (17.58) Malin Andréasson (Sara Kristoffersson)

3rd period
3-3 (2.42) Anna Wijk (Johanna Hultgren)
3-4 (5.35) Therese Andersson (Laura Märtsalmi)
4-4 (8.10) Silvana Nötzli (Jessica Eriksson)
5-4 (17.12) Silvana Nötzli
5-5 (18.18) Moa Tschcöp (Ranja Varli)

5-6 (5.57) Ranja Varli (Moa Tschöp)

Second in a row for Falun

In the men´s final, the reigning champion, Falun, was stronger for two periods and led already 4-1, but Storvreta could still come back in the final period. With less than three minutes left of the third period, Storvreta took the lead for the first time with Joakim Olsson´s second goal. But just like in the women´s final the equaliser was still to be seen and the match continued on overtime.

With five minutes into the overtime Falun´s Alexander Galante Carlström scored the decisive goal and took his team to the second consecutive Swedish Championship gold.

- I had many chances, it did not feel like it was my day really but I got it in the end. Last year the journey was easier. Storvreta is a better team than Dalen and it could have gone either way. I think it became a classic floorball thing, we relaxed and lost energy while they got energy. Not so good for us as reiging champions to lose the lead but it all worked out in the end after all, Alexander Galante Carlstrom said in www.innebandy.se interview.

11 324 spectators watched the men´s final in the Malmö Arena.

Game statistics:
IBF Falun – Storvreta IBK 7-6 (2-1, 2-0, 2-5, 1-0)

1st period
1-0 (6.15) Johannes Larsson
1-1 (10.37) Niklas Winroth (Fredrik Holtz)
2-1 (15.33) Casper Backby (Ciya Hajo)

2nd period
3-1 (8.35) Billy Nilsson (Johannes Skog)
4-1 (15.33) Jonas Adriansson (Emil Johansson)

3rd period
4-2 (0.35) Henrik Stenberg (Rasmus Sundstedt)
4-3 (2.00) Fredrik Holtz (Joakim Olsson)
5-3 (4.03) Rasmus Enström (Thomas Holmgren)
5-4 (11.13) Fredrik Holtz (Rasmus Sundstedt)
5-5 (14.47) Joakim Olsson (Joel Kanebjörk)
5-6 (17.01) Joakim Olsson (Rickie Hyvärinen)
6-6 (18.18) Emil Johansson (Jacob Lundmark)

7-6 (4.59) Alexander Galante Carlström (Emil Johansson)

Source & more information: www.innebandy.se
Photo: Per Wiklund/perwiklund.se