Floorball Champions Cup

Swiss Champions: Wiler Ersigen & Piranha Chur — 07.04.2014

The Swiss Leagues crowned their 2013/14 Champions. Wiler Erisgen destroyed the dream of Tigers Langnau winning the final series 4-0 while Piranha Chur showed their strength after a hard season by defeating UHC Dietlikon

Wiler-Ersigen and Piranha Chur also now have a chance to play in the Champions Cup 2014.

Wiler Ersigen is back. Back where they love to be. The first place was completely deserved after winning the series against Tiger Langnau with a 4-0 sweep.

The fourth match for the 9th title of Wiler Erisgen was a hard one, both teams playing a strong defensively. The score was 1-1 after 50 minutes, then Patrick Mendelin was able to score the 2-1 leading goal for Wiler. Langnau tried to fight back but was blocked once more by Wiler´s defence. The final 3-1 was scored by top scorer Isac Rosén (18 goals/16 assists) in the empty net.

- No one was expecting that it would be such a clear result. But we pushed our level in the play-offs continuously higher, Adrian Zimmermann, explained.

SV Wiler-Ersigen - Tigers Langnau 3-1 (1-0, 0-1, 2-0)  

1238 spectators. Referees Baumgartner/Kläsi.
Goals: 1. own goal 1-0. 34. Stucki (Kjellman) 1-1. 49. Mendelin (Fankhauser) 2-1. 60. (59:49) Rosén 3-1.
Penalties: 1x 2 min SV Wiler-Ersigen. 1x 2 min Tigers Langnau.

Piranha Chur Swiss Champion again

Piranha Chur won the third title in a row. The fourth match of the series was a real thriller.

Chur was leading after the first period but Dietlikon found their way back and Bilinksa and Bärtschi turned the match into 2-1 for Dietlikon.

Chur was strong in the final period. Within only two minutes Ludwig equalized the score and Sgier brought back the lead. Both goals were assisted by Flurina Marti.

- This is a special title for us if you think about the stressful season with all the problems we had. We showed everyone that you will always have to keep an eye on Piranha. In such a match, you will not get tired. You can even run 120 minutes if it is necessary, Marti explained.

Piranha chur - UHC Dietlikon 3-2 (1-0, 0-2, 2-0)  

738 spectators. Referees Brändle/Niedermann.
Goals: 8. Ulber (Ludwig) 1-0. 24. Bilinska (Kuoni) 1-1. 34. Bärtschi (Rittmeyer) 1-2. 43. Ludwig (Marti) 2-2. 43. Sgier (Marti) 3-2.
Penalties: 1x 2 min Piranha Chur. 3x 2 min, 1x 5 min (Suter) UHC Dietlikon.  

Photos: Fabian Trees (Wiler-Ersigen) & Claudio Schwarz www.unihockey-fotos.ch (Piranha)
Interviews and more information: www.unihockey.ch