Floorball Champions Cup

GC Zurich and Zug United won the Swiss Cup & CC 2014 tickets — 21.03.2014

GC Zurich and Zug United were able to win the 2014 Swiss Cup and the tickets to the Champions Cup 2014 tournament. The CC 2014 is played in Zurich, Switzerland, October 1st-5th.

- This is good news for the Champions Cup 2014 tournament since we have now with Grasshoppers Zurich the local club participating. Also Zug United is very interesting as Zug is very close to Zurich and we believe they are able to motivate a lot of fans to support their team, Swiss Floorball Association Secretary General Daniel Bollinger, comments.

The Men´s final was played between Alligators Malans and GC Zurich. Both teams played great offensive floorball. The match was an open one during the whole first period and with many missed chances on both sides. Only Roberto Vizzini scored once in the first 20 minutes.

Period two started with a the second goal from GC. Linard Parli, who assisted the first goal, scored after only two minutes. But Malans was not giving up. They tried everything to break Zurich´s defence but could only score one goal when Tim Braillard succeeded after 39 minutes.

The last 20 minutes were full of action. Within two minutes Malans turned the match, but GC was able to answer quickly when Michael Zürcher equalized the score only 20 seconds later. The decisive goal of the match was scored by Eric Björk after a fast free hit in front of the goal. GC Zurich are now also qualified for the Champions Cup 2014 in October.

UHC Alligator Malans - Grasshopper Club Zürich 3-4 (0-1, 1-1, 2-2)
Sporthalle Wankdorf, Bern. Audience 3.321 . Referees Güpfert/Ziegler.
Goals: 8. Vizzini (Parli) 0-1. 23. Parli 0-2. 39. Braillard (Kapanen) 1-2. 42. Braillard (Kapanen) 2-2. 44. Hummer (Braillard) 3-2. 44. Zürcher (Johansson) 3-3. 53. Björk (Meier) 3-4.

Zug United surprised in the Women´s Cup Final

The Women´s final was played right before the Men´s with the surprising victory for Zug United. They were able to beat the reigning champion Piranha Chur in a tight match.

Chur used their chances fast and scored two goals but Zug was in shape and got back on track. Until the end of period one the score was 3-3. Von Rickenbach shot Zug to the lead but in the middle of the match Piranha´s Katrin Zwinggi and Ramona Ludwig changed the score to 5-4. Piranha kept that lead until the end of period two.

In the final period Zug United showed a great comeback. Within only 26 seconds they equalized the score and got in front again. Piranha took a time-out and started to play more offensive floorball, but was not able to score again. Even in 6 versus 5 Zug kept the score and won the Swiss Cup Final. As well as GC, they are qualified for the Champions Cup 2014, which will be held in Switzerland this year.

Zug United - Piranha Chur 6-5 (3-3, 1-2, 2-0)
Sporthalle Wankdorf, Bern. Audience: 2.317, Referees Elmer/Schellenberg.
Goals: 7. Sgier (Ulber) 0-1. 9. Putzi (Ukkonen) 0-2. 11. Mischler (Umbricht) 1-2. 12. Ulber (Marti) 1-3. 12.
Arnold (Mischler) 2-3. 20. Von Rickenbach 3-3. 29. Von Rickenbach (Mischler) 4-3. 36. Zwinggi (Ludwig) 4-4. 38. Ludwig (Marti) 4-5. 56. Umbricht (Arnold) 5-5. 57. Bachmann (Kälin) 6-5.

UHC Oekingen and UHCevi Gossau won the small field Swiss Cups.

Photos: Fabian Trees/Men & Jeremie Luke-Dubois/Women
More information; www.swissunihockey.ch