6TH to 9TH November 2002 in Gothenburg/Sweden


As a delegate of IFF to the above mentioned World Championships I can declare these as being a success. Unfortunately only 8 teams were present.




Congratulation to Stephan Berg and his crew for an excellent job they have fulfilled.




The teams, the referees and all other officials were accredited without any problems. Some of the team members of Georgia did not fulfil the required criteria’s and could therefore not take part in the matches.




The time-schedule was to optimistic (not enough time provided for the matches!)

Fortunately the matches could start with no later than 15’ after scheduled time!




The difference of the quality of the games were huge. Some results were not in favour of floorball! Why did Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic etc. not take part?


After a fantastic final v. Sweden, Finland won the championship. Switzerland finished 3rd winning the match for this place v. Hungary with 22 : 2!


Eventually it will again have to be stressed out, that floorball has nothing to do with ice-hockey!!




Although no great mistakes were experienced there is still a lot of work to be done. Disciplinary must be held “high”. A pair came on Wednesday left on Friday, another pair came on Saturday just for one match and a pair who had no match on the last day just left early that day…..


Different committees


The cooperation between the technical Delegate, the organiser and IFF was just excellent. Many meetings took place and so was a guarantee for the smooth running of the tournament.




With the exception of Georgia, all other teams were of no problems. On the contrary, the gathering together was just great.




The cooperation with the head of the championship, Fritz Holzer, Vice-President of the World University Sports Federation, was of high quality. He was a good “operator” with a sound knowledge of University sport.




The Championship was a full success.


There are of course two views:

The one from the World university sport who was satisfied that a new sport is now affiliated and has fulfilled the expectations and the one from IFF which cannot be satisfied due to the lack of participation of bigger nations and the level seen in Gothenburg.


For Floroball, for promotion, for attracting the game, the sponsors and the public the University World Championship is a must. It can and will help to spread floorball all around in particular in schools!


I’m convinced, that this tournament will soon be a firm part of our sports-calendar!


Thanks to all participants for a successful four days.



Renato Orlando