Education and Development Committee (EDC)


Minutes from the preliminary meeting in Prague the 31st of August 2002

Place: Parkhotel


Participants:  Martin Vaculik                     chairman

                      Per Jansson                       member

                      Risto Kauppinen                 member


                      Axel Wester                        officer

                      John Liljelund                      IFF CB, IFF DB


Not present:  Ewa Zoltowska                   member



1.                   Opening the meeting

                      Mr Vaculik opened the first meeting with his new group.


2.                   EDC constitution confirmed by IFF CB in Prague the 31st of August 2002

Martin Vaculik, Zikova 11, CZ-16000 Praha 6, Czech Republic
Phone (w) +420-2 333 744 24 Fax (w) +420-2 333 744 28

Per Jansson, Hallonvägen 1, SE-69634 Askersund, Sweden
Phone/Fax (h) +46-583 107 59, (mob) +46-70 594 31 11

Risto Kauppinen, Valakkakuja 5 D 111, FIN-00780 Helsinki, FINLAND
Cellular phone +358-40 500 89 02

Ewa Zoltowska, Aldony 7, PL-81-524 Gdynia, Poland
Phone +48-58 664 91 19 (mob) +48-601 64 33 65

Officer: Axel Wester


3.                   Tasks for the EDC

                      Mr Vaculik informed about his thougths about the work in EDC.

·         inventory of the present situation in the existing federations

·         collect educational materials of IFF members to chose ”the best”

for translation and international use

·         check the financial resources for EDC work

·         how to work together with the main floorball manufacturers, cooperation with  IFF DB

·         how to work together with Marketing and Information Committee(MIC)


It was decided that Mr Vaculik and Mr Wester produce a formula for the

inventory of the present situation in existing federations.


3.                   Next meeting – firs regular

                      Next meeting will also be held i Prague, during the European Cup, on the

                      10th of januari 2003 at 1400 ours.


4.                   End of the meeting

                      Mr Vaculik declared the meeting over and thanked the participants  for a good




                      Martin Vaculik/Axel Wester