ExCo work and updated information



The ExCo, unfortunately, had to cancel its meeting in Solna, December 9-10, 2002. However, here follows some updated information, amongst other in the political field.


The ExCo has on its tasks amongst others to handle political issues, in connection to our Vision set by the Congress in Helsinki in May 2002.


GAISF Congress and Assembly in Colorado Springs

It was meant that Mr Liljelund and myself should have attended the Congress. Mr Liljelund could not attend however due to his work, and was therefore replaced by Mr Orlando.

At the latest GAISF congress (November 21-24, 2002) and Assembly in the USA I, together with Mr Orlando, represented IFF. We stressed two things mainly, first of all the presence at the actual Congress, and secondly, even “more” important, did some “networking”. We had discussions with the IWGA President Ron Froelich and Mr Bob de Die (korfball) about possibilities in World Games in Duisburg Germany in July 14-24, 2005. The conclusion was that it seems as the “door is closed” and that the disciplines are already decided upon. For the next issue, 2009, there are many candidate cities, also in Asia (Singapore). In 2004 the IFF has to apply for membership in the IWGA, and before that also apply for the ordinary membership in GAISF. My conclusion is however, that it might be good and wait yet another year due to the fact that the next GAISF Congress is in Spain, Madrid May 12-16, 2003 (in connection with a manufacturers sports convention). It has been set earlier due to the fact that GAISF and other International Federations and also the IOC, are supposed to have, joint, meetings in cooperation. Due to the Madrid meeting a member has to apply six months in advance for ordinary membership, and this would mean already December 12, 2002. The standards are at least 30 members, which we now fulfil. Mr Orlando and I also checked the formalities with the GAISF Director General, Mr Jean- Claude Schupp. Mr Orlando will check this issue further with GAISF Council members and IOC delegates Mr Gian Franco Kasper and Mr Denis Oswald from Switzerland with whom we meet.


IFF Vision – work on IOC recognition

In order to meet with the IFF Vision and fulfil the missions and objectives the ExCo are already planning a meeting with the IOC in Lausanne (preliminary some days before the IFF CB meeting in Bern April 12-13, 2003) in order to achieve IOC recognition. Mr Orlando is responsible for the coordination. The IOC statutes and laws say 75 members and at least 4 continents in order to play in the summer Olympics. And we have all seen the discussions on the penthalon and softball and baseball that the IOC first proposed to remove from the Olympics and then in Mexico City decided to keep as it is. This, surely, means that the summer Olympics is virtually “closed” for the upcoming Olympics in a row? But the recognition should be feasible as bandy and orienteering already are recognised by the IOC in Lausanne?




WADA – doping work and code

The second draft of the WADA doping code is now sent to all IF. In Copenhagen in March 3-5, 2003, there will be a doping conference. RACC Chairman Mr Orlando, and secretary general Mr Kratz will attend it. The IFF office will answer, RACC responsible, to the second draft of the WADA doping code and also send appropriate information on floorball to WADA.


World University Championships in Göteborg November 6-9, 2002

Mr Orlando and Mr Eriksson and Mr Kratz attended the WUC 2002 in Sweden, Göteborg. Georgia made their first appearance and made a good impression! Finland won the final against Sweden, and we congratulate Finland! Eight nations took part, and the FISU was very pleased with this.


We meet with Mr Fritz Holzer, vice President of FISU, and discussed the WUC and its future. Next edition will be in 2004 and 2006 and so on. The SUHV has already at this stage shown interest in supporting the Swiss university associations. In Colorado Springs we also meet with FISU President Mr George E Killian and Secretary General Mr Roch Campana and discussed the future of the FISU WUC. 


I must stress that the WUC is a FISU event and in their “chain of command”. The FISU decided where and when its played, but it has to be in the IFF calendar, and also (better) coordinated with all floorball associations in the future.


Workshops on new updated regulations

At the WUC in Göteborg, Sweden, the Disciplinary Committee (Mr Hermansson from Finland, and Mr Buri from Switzerland) meet and had two good sessions and started the revision of our juridical regulations. Mr Orlando and Mr Kratz also worked on a proposal for new updated statutes and the other IFF Regulations. The objectives, on the regulations, are that the CB in Prague decides upon these in January 11, 2003.


Financial year 2002 soon ended

The closing of books have soon come to an end, and it all, as decided by Congress, indicates a surplus at least as budgeted, preliminary approximately +15.000 CHF. The secretary general with the treasurer will have a preliminary outcome ready for the IFF CB meeting in Prague January 11, 2003.



Yours sincerely,


Tomas Eriksson

IFF President