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Skickat: den 26 november 2002 21:41
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Hungarian Floorball Federation

Zoltan Pavelka President




International Floorball Federation

Stefan Kratz Secretary General




Dear Stefan!



In order of our discussion I send our declaration about the U19 WFC: the Presidency of the Hungarian Floorball Federation have decided to challenge to organise the 1st Women’s U19 WFC in 2004. We’ll make our project as soon as possible (not later than 31st  January 2003).

We have many chances of the place of this event: Szombathely (West Hungary near to Austria), Komarom or Gyor (near to Slovakia),  Eger or Szolnok (Northern-East and Middle Hungary), Budapest (the Capital of Hungary). In this 6 places we’ve started the negotiations with the local leaderships and sponsors. But it takes time.

But we have the first “victory”: we achieved the support of the Ministry of Sport.

So we hope that you feel we’ve set purpose about the settlement and that you can accept our challenge and give us the chance to organise this floorball event. It could be a big dose of energy what can pull our floorball to the near of the elite.


Best regards,



Zoltan Pavelka

HFF President



25th November 2002.