Ref. the minute 4.f from the meeting in Praha 31.08.02.


Participation and debts in general


The NFs are according to the Statutes obligated to pay their dept to IFF. Participation fee and membership fee shall be paid according to the Financial Regulations and the Statutes article 16.1 d or 16.2 d. The economical obligations are also clearly stated in the invitation to Championships.


Not to pay the fees and other bills to IFF is against the Statutes 16.1 or 16.2, and might be met with disciplinary measures according to the Juridical Regulations.


According to the Statutes 39.3 sanctions within the power of the Central Board are:

Reprimand, warnings, disqualification/suspension of teams, players and/or coaches for up to 6 months and fines up to 5000 CHF can be imposed by the CB.

All sanctions imposed by the CB shall be pursuant to the Jurisdiction Regulation in force.

If the CB presumes that a sanction might exceed its power. Then the CB shall require that the Disciplinary Committee start prosecution. Even if a case resides inside the Central Board power to impose a sanction, the Central Board remains able to require the Disciplinary Committee to handle the process.


Suspension is according to the Juridical Regulation 1.3 a.:

Suspensions consist of prohibition from participation, for a given period of time, in any official activity within the sphere of IFF. A suspension may be imposed on all IFF members and NA`s.




NF`s that has debt to IFF, and has not made an agreement with IFFs how to handle the payment will get a warning where the consequences of not paying within in a given time are stated.

If the payment or an acceptable plan for the payment does not exist at the time stated, the warning suspension are automatically imposed for a given time or until the dept is paid.

If the debt is not paid off within 6 months the case will be transferred to the Disciplinary Committee for further prosecution.




Oslo 6. January 2003



Tomas Jonsson