IFF Congress 16.05 1996

Place: Stockholm Globe Hotel, Sweden

Participants: According to enclosure 1

§ 1 Opening
Pekka Mukkala opened the congress at 13:35.

§ 2 Chairman of the congress
John Liljelund was elected as chairman of the congress.

§ 3 Approval of the agenda
The congress decided to approve the agenda.

§ 4 Secretary of the congress
Peter Lindström was elected as secretary of the congress.

§ 5 Voting counters
Tönis Teesalu and Martin Vaculik were elected as voting counters of the congress.

§ 6 Minutes from the last congress
According to the article 34.2 and 34.3 in the IFF statutes the minutes are approved unless there are any objections to the minutes within 30 days from the publishing of the minutes.

Since there have been no objections, the minutes from the last congress are approved.

§ 7 CB report (enclosure 2)
Mr. Mukkala made a short review of the CB report and opened up a free discussion;

Switzerland asked why they were critisised in the CB report for the EC in Switzerland.

Mr. Mukkala replied that it was due to that the arrangements not in every detail followed the IFF-regulations.

The congress decided to approve the CB report

§ 8 Financial report (enclosure 3)
Mr. Liljelund presented the situation, where no financial report was present, due to the situation that there was a missunderstanding to which person should make the financial report. According to the protocol of the Central Board in February 1996, all the economical material should be sent to CB member Mr. Lienhard who will give the material forward to the Auditor P. Kündig, who will make the financial report and the auditors report.

Mr Sterchi proposed that the finacial report will not be approved.

Mr Fust suggested that someone else should lead the floor.

Mr Eriksson suggested that Mr. Mukkala should lead the meeting in § 8 and 9.

The congress decided that Pekka Mukkala should act as chairman of the congress during § 8 & 9.

The question was thorougly discussed.

Mr. Czitrom proposed that the new Central Board should research this question and go back and look through the financial material and then make a financial report, which the member countries could look through and then give a statement if they can approve the financial report.

Mr. Hult proposed that the report should be approven

The congress decided, by voting 4-3, according to the proposal from Mr. Czitrom.

§ 9 Decision about freedom from responsibility for the CB
The question about freedom and responsibility for the CB was discussed.

Mr. Kauppinen proposed that the new CB gives in a new balance sheet, audited and ready within 3 months. Then the member nations will have 30 days to give their opinion and freedom of responsibility.

The congress decided according to the proposal from Mr. Kauppinen.

§ 10 Decision of membership fee
Mr. Liljelund informed that there is no proposal for a change of the membershipfee.

The congress decided not to change the membership fee.

§ 11 Examination and decisions on proposals and motions of the members
a) Proposal from Sweden regarding Education and Development plan(enclosure 4)

The congress decided to approve the proposal.

b) Proposal from Sweden and Switzerland regarding IFF office and secretary general (enclosure 5 and 6)

Mr. Liljelund opened up an discussion about these proposals.

All partcipating members gave their opinion about where to have the office.

Mr. Czitrom proposed that the decision should be taken by a closed voting.

The congress decided, by a closed voting 6-1, according to the proposal from Sweden.

Proposal from Switzerland regarding material (enclosure 6)

Mr. Liljelund proposed that the proposal regarding material should be handled in connection with the CB proposal, which was accepted by Switzerland.

Proposal from Switzerland regarding the game rules (enclosure 6)

Switzerland explained that the meaning with the proposal is that Switzerland wants all the implication to be the same during championships.

This opinion was forwarded the Referee Committe to consider when educating the referees.

Proposal from Switzerland regarding changing the name of IFF (enclosure 6)

Mr. Liljelund reported that the CB has made an investigation and the name of the sport in the Paralympics mentioned in the proposal is Goalball not Floorball.

The proposal was withdrawn by Switzerland.

§ 12 Approval of the budget and workingplan for the next two years (enclosures 7 and 8)
The budget was discussed.

Due to the fact that Sweden will take care of the costs for the IFF office and the congress has decided to approve the proposal regarding the plan for education and development the budgeted cost for office was transferred to the cost for education and development.

The congress decided to approve the budget, with the change above, and the working plan.

§ 13 The proposals of the IFF central board (enclosure 9)
Mr. Liljelund introduced the CB:s proposal concerning material criteria’s, the Swiss proposal (enclosure 6) included, and opened up a free discussion.

The proposal and the principal question regarding material criteria’s was thoroughly discussed.

Everyone agreed on that there is a need of international criteria’s for material.

The congress decided, by voting 5-2, to use the material criteria’s that is used in Sweden and to give the new CB the power to negotiate with the member nations about the system for testing the material.

§ 14 Elections (enclosures 6, 10-14)
Mr. Liljelund informed that all nominations except the nomination from Estonia has been IFF by hand in time and asked the congress if the nomination from Estonia could be accepted.

Switzerland remarked that a person can not be elected before the nation of the person is an ordinairy member.

Mr. Liljelund asked the congress if it is possible to treat the application of ordinairy membership for Estonia (enclosure 15) in this paragraph.

The congress agreed to treat the matter in this paragraph and decided to accept Estonia as an ordinairy member of IFF.

The congress decided to accept the nomination from Estonia.

a) Election of President for two years
Mr. Liljelund informed that the only nomination for President is the nomination of Tomas Eriksson handed in by Sweden.

The congress elected Tomas Eriksson as President of IFF for two years.

b) Election of eight CB members for two years
Mr. Liljelund informed that there are nine ordinairy nominations and two nominations if needed for eight seats.

Switzerland announced the withdrawal of their nominations.

The congress, nation by nation, asked Switzerland to change their mind regarding the withdrawal of their nominations, but Switzerland stood firm.

Mr. Liljelund stated the fact that the congress had no other possibilities than to elect from the nominations left.

The congress elected the following eight CB members for two years:

Martin Vaculik Czech Republic
Peter Lindström Norway
Tomas Jonsson "
Per Jansson Sweden
Pekka Mukkala Finland
John Liljelund "
Risto Kauppinen "
Ain Lillepalu Estonia

§ 15 Appointment of a chartered auditor
The congress decided that the new CB will have the power to appoint the auditor.

§ 16 Approval of Regulations within the meaning of article 14 paragraph 2 littera c
Mr. Liljelund informed that no regulations have been opposed to within the meaning of article 14 paragraph 2 littera c.

The congress left the matter without discussion.

§ 17 Decisions of all affairs being reserved for the Congress by the statues or by law
The congress left the matter without discussion.

§ 18 Appointment to be honorary member
The congress left the matter without discussion.

§ 19 Admission or expulsion of official member associations (enclosure 15)
Mr. Liljelund noted that the application of ordinairy membership from Estonia were taken care of already in § 14.

Russia and IFF have had an misunderstanding about ordinary membership depending on the fact that Russia handed in an application the day after the last congress (1994).

Mr. Liljelund asked if the congress is ready to accept Russia as ordinairy members.

The congress decided to accept Russia as ordinairy members of IFF.

§ 20 Decision on the meeting place for the next congress
The next meeting will be held together with the next World Championships for men 1998.

§ 21 End of meeting
Mr. Mukkala thanked the former CB-members for their work.

Mr. Liljelund thanked Sweden for hosting the congress and declared the congress closed.

Secretary of the Congress

Peter Lindström

Chairman of the Congress

John Liljelund

Enclosure 1


Martin Vaculik (voting)
Tomas Vaculik

Anders Hørsholt (voting)
Niels Blichfeldt

Risto Kauppinen (voting)

András Czitrom (voting)

Per-Harald Fjeldahl (voting)

Håkan Hult (voting)
Tomas Eriksson
Per Jansson

Max Sterchi (voting)
Roland Fust
Thomas Gilardi
Renato Orlando

Ain Lillepalu
Tönis Teesalu

Stefan Rouwen
Axel Waldeck

Janis Kivkulis
Alfred Kundzins

Anatoli Lysenko
Alexandr Konoplyov
Alexandr Koroljov
Alexandra Kuivala

Mr. R.Sinnakaruppan (MP)
Mr. Simon

Pekka Mukkala
Stefan Kratz
Lilly Keiser
André Lienhard
Martin Vaculik
Heikki Savolainen
John Liljelund
Tomas Jonsson
Peter Lindström

Antal Boldizar, SP (material specialist)
Takanobu Yoshino, an assist. professor of Surugadai University