IFF Congress 28.05 1994

Place: SAS Park Avenue Hotel, Gothenburg, Sweden

DENMARK (DFU) Torben Frydkjaer (voting)

FINLAND (SSBL) Risto Kauppinen (voting), John Liljelund

HUNGARY (MPS) András Czitrom (voting)

NORWAY (NBF) Tomas Jonsson (voting), Peter Lindström

SWEDEN (SIBF) Tomas Eriksson (voting), Per Jansson

SWITZERLAND (SUHV) Leo Buser (voting), Michael Dietrich

IFF Central Board
Pekka Mukkala
Stefan Kratz
Gottlieb Kündig
Lilly Keiser
Jouni Kontio
Klaus Krokfors

GERMANY (DUB) Joachim Bruns, Doris Windhoff

§ 1 Opening
Pekka Mukkala opened the congress at 14.10.

§ 2 Chairman of the congress
John Liljelund was elected as chairman of the congress.

§ 3 Practical questions
a) Recording of the congress
The congress decided not to record the congress on tape.

b) Guests from the German federation
The congress decided to welcome the representatives from the German
federation, Deutscher Unihoc Bund, as guests of the congress.

c) The question of a draw in a voting
If there will be a draw in a voting situation, the congress decided to: - use ballot when it's a draw in an election
- try to solve a draw in principal questions through discussions.

§ 4 Approval of the agenda
The congress decided to approve the agenda with some adjustments.

§ 5 Secretary of the congress
Stefan Kratz was elected as secretary of the congress.

§ 6 Voting counters
Leo Buser and Risto Kauppinen was elected as voting counters of the congress.

§ 7 Minutes from the last congress
According to article 34.2 and 34.3 in the IFF statutes the minutes are
approved unless there is any objections to the minutes within 30 days from the publishing of the minutes.

Since there were no objections, the minutes from the last congress are approved.

§ 8 Admission of official ordinary member associations
Applications for ordinary membership in the IFF has arrived from
the Hungarian Floorball Federation (enclosure 1) and from the Czech Floorball Union (enclosure 2).

The Russian Rinkball and Floorball Federation has not handed in an application for ordinary membership.

a) Hungary
András Czitrom made a short presentation of the Hungarian Floorball Federation.

The congress decided to admit the Hungarian Floorball Federation as ordinary member of the IFF.

b) Czech Republic
The congress decided to admit the Czech Floorball Union as ordinary
member of the IFF.

c) Russia
The congress decided to submit to the new central board to decide about the provisional membership for the Russian Rinkball and Floorball Federation.

§ 9 Approval of the CB-report
The correct version of the CB-report, decided in Brussels 16-17/4, is not the one that has been sent to the IFF members, the delegates from SIBF and SSBL remarked.

A correct version was distributed during the congress.

The congress decided to approve the CB-report with some adjustments (enclosure 3).

§ 10 Approval of the financial report and the auditors report
Some questions regarding the financial report were asked:

Tomas Eriksson:
- Is the membership fee for 1992 paid by Denmark and Norway ?

Answer: Denmark paid for 1992 in July 1993.

Regarding Norway it was found out that there has been no invoice sent to them.

Tomas Eriksson:
- Why does the CB use expensive hotels ?

Answer: Normally the CB have their meetings in a CB-members country and at these meetings the hotels are of normal standard.

Sometimes the CB have meetings in a country where there might
be a new IFF-member and these meetings tends to be more expensive since there is no knowledge, among the CB-members, of good but cheap hotels.

A solution to this problem could be to tie a travel company to the IFF, Gottlieb Kündig proposed.

The congress decided to approve the financial report for 1992 and 1993 (enclosure 4).

The congress decided to approve the auditors report (enclosure 5).

The congress notified though that these reports must be prepared in a better way by the IFF CB in the future.

§ 11 Decision on freedom from responsibility for the CB
The congress decided, unanimously, to give freedom from reponsibility for the CB regarding the finances.

The financial documents should though have been sent to the members at least 30 days in advance, which was not the case.

§ 12 Decision on membership fee
a) Membership fee
The CB proposes no change of the membership fee.

NBF proposes a change of the membership fee according to their proposal no.4 (enclosure 6).

DFU proposed that the basic fee and the amount per club should be the same regardless the size of the federations.

Since this proposal was not sent in in advance the congress had to take a decision whether it is possible or not to modificate proposals
which are on the agenda.

Gottlieb Kündig proposed that all questions under 27.2 and 31 in the IFF statutes could be opened for discussion.

The chairman proposed that the question of enlargement of the proposals should be decided case by case.

The voting fell 3-3.

Gottlieb Kündig made a new proposal; If a proposal is on the agenda of the congress it can be modified, except from elections of CB members.

The voting between the new proposal from Gottlieb Kündig and the proposal from the chairman fell 4-2 for the proposal from Kündig.

The congress decided not to change the membership fee with the voting 3-2.

b) Financial regulations
The congress decided the financial regulations according to enclosure 7.

§ 13 Approval of the budget and the workingplan
The workingplan was decided according to enclosure 8.

The budget for 1994 was decided according to enclosure 9.

The budget for 1995 was decided according to enclosure 10.

§ 14 Headquarter/Office
a) Office
The congress decided that the office does not have to be where the headquarter is situated, and that the office shall be where the secretary is situated.

b) Headquarter
The congress decided that the headquarter of IFF shall be in Bern, Switzerland.

c) Semi-professional office
SUHV has proposed that IFF should install a semi-professional office
(enclosure 11).

The congress decided to submit the question to the IFF CB for decision.

§ 15 Elections
a) IFF President
Pekka Mukkala was unanimously elected as president of the IFF.

b) Eight Central Board (CB) members for two years
The congress decided, unanimously, to open the nomination list even though it is in contradiction to the IFF statutes § 29.1 and 36.3.

The congress elected, unanimously, following persons to the IFF CB:

John Liljelund (representing Finland)
Peter Lindström (Norway)
Tomas Jonsson (Norway)
Stefan Kratz (Sweden)
André Lienhard (Switzerland)
Lilly Keiser (Switzerland)
Heikki Savolainen (Finland)
Martin Vaculik (Czech Republic)

§ 16 Appointment of a chartered auditor
The congress decided to submit to the IFF CB to appoint a chartered auditor accordingly to article 39 of the IFF statutes.

§ 17 Examinations and decisions on proposals and motions of the members
a) Proposal from SUHV regarding an Executive Committee (enclosure 12).
The congress decided to reject the proposal.

b) Proposals from NBF regarding the IFF Statutes (enclosure 6).
The congress decided, by voting 4-2, to reject proposal no.1, article 1.

The congress decided, by voting 4-1, to reject proposal no.1, article 11.

The congress decided, by voting 3-3, to reject proposal no.2.

The congress decided, by voting 4-2, to reject proposal no.3.

c) Proposals from DFU (enclosure 13).
The congress decided to submit to the IFF CB to make a clarification of the situation and to make a proposal to the next congress on how to handle the question mentioned in proposal no.1.

The congress decided, by voting 3-1, to take a statement of intent accordingly to proposal no.2.

The congress decided to submit to the IFF CB to handle the question mentioned in proposal no.3.

d) Proposal from SUHV regarding the name of the IFF (enclosure 14).
The proposal was withdrawn by the Swiss delegates.

§ 18 Approval of Regulations within the meaning of article 14.2 c
a) Proposal from SSBL regarding the IFF Game Rules (enclosure 15).
The congr
ess decided, by voting 4-1, to approve the proposal.

§ 19 Decision of the meeting place for the next congress
According to the working plan, decided in § 13, the next congress is
to be held in the country of the IFF Championships 1996, Sweden.

§ 20 End of the meeting
András Czitrom thanked the retiring IFF CB for their work during the last two years.

Leo Buser thanked John Liljelund for leading the congress in a good way.

John Liljelund thanked Sweden for hosting the congress and providing the participants with a banquet, and declared the congress closed at 23.17.

Secretary of the Congress

Stefan Kratz

Chairman of the Congress

John Liljelund