Motions from the Finnish Floorball Federation (SSBL):



Number of members in the Central Board

The Finnish Floorball Federation supports the decision of the IFF ExCo and also would like to suggest that the IFF Central Board, would consist of six members and a maximum of one from each country.


Homebase of the IFF office

After the Congress of 1996 the Swedish Floorball Federation has given a lot of support for the IFF, what comes to office, employees etc. The Finnish Floorball Federation (SSBL) now feels it has come time that it time for SSBL to offer it self for the IFF. The SSBL is ready to act as the homebase of the IFF office. The SSBL is ready to bear the costs of the office infrastructure and salary of one secretarial clerk for a period at least of six years.





Motions from the Swiss Floorball Association (SUHV):


Provisional Membership Art. 13 para 4

Provisional Membership may only be granted for four years



Ordinary Membership Art. 14 para 5

A member-association having been provisional member for four years automatically becomes an ordinary member



In addition to be decided at the Congress in Switzerland:

All members having been a provisional member for four or more years shall be automatically considered an ordinary member with all the rights and duties according to the statutes.