1. General

The International Floorball Federation (IFF) is the sole international organization for Floorball.


IFF consists of totally 32 member Associations.


The popularity of Floorball will continue to grow in the world and new members are expected not only from Europe but also from Asia, America and Africa.


The members are expected to be more and to become ordinary members. Plans and actions will be taken in order to fulfil and meet with the IFF Vision to have more ordinary members in 2006.


The IFF Vision is, and was decided by the IFF General Assembly in Helsinki on May 24th, 2002:


“To become the true efficient governing body of an internationally recognised sport, played on five continents with over 50 members before year 2012 and have participated in one or more international multi-sport events (IWGA - World Games, FISU - Universiade). To be recognised by the IOC before the year 2006 and to be an Olympic sport before year 2020.”



2. Administration

The IFF office has since the General Assembly in 1996 been located in Solna, Sweden.


Since January 1, 2000 the IFF is financially self-financed.


When the financial situation permits the administration will be strengthened during the period between the General Assemblies 2004 and 2006.


The aim is to have an administration of four employees until 2006, consisting of a secretary general, a technical function, a marketing function and a clerk function.



3. Central Board

The Central Board of the IFF will improve its efficiency by allocating specific areas of responsibility to the Committees to create more time for development of finances and administration.


The Central Board will have approximately four meetings per year.


The formation of the Executive Committee (ExCo) will increase the efficiency even further.



4. The Committees

More responsibilities will be allocated to the Committees.


Guidelines for the Committee work shall be established, and when the finances of IFF increases, more funds will be allocated to the Committees for their work in developing Floorball.



5. Competitions

World Championships will be played in 2004 for men in Switzerland, in 2005 for women in Singapore and in 2006 for men in Sweden.


World Championships for U19 will be played in 2004 for women in Finland, 2005 for men in Latvia.

When appointing organizers of the IFF competitions the aim is to follow the schedule on how to appoint organizers, meaning that a first letter asking for organizers will be sent 72 months prior (six years) to the competition and the appointment will be done 48 months (four years) prior to the competition.

5. Competitions - continuation

The European Cup is played every year for both Men and Women. Since 1999 the Final Round of the

EC consists of 8 teams in each category, meaning that Qualification Rounds are played when needed. The organizing member associations men and women’s teams are automatically qualified for the finals for the EC.


In August in 2004 the qualification for the EC is played in the Czech Republic.


In 2005 and in 2006 the qualification rounds will be organized, place and organising association to be decided.


In 2005 the final for the EC is played in January 2005, in Switzerland. The final for 2006 is to be decided upon.



6. The World Games organized by the IWGA

Efforts will be made for Floorball to be part, on an observer’s basis, in the July 2005 World Games organized in Duisburg in Germany. IFF needs to be an ordinary member of GAISF before being able to apply for membership in IWGA.



7. The World University Championships in Floorball organized by the FISU

Efforts will be made to be able to play the WUC in 2006 in Switzerland, organized by the FISU.



8. The Universiade organized by the FISU

Efforts will be made to be able to take part in the Universiade in any aspects in 2005.



9. The Rules of the Game

The work with Edition 2006 (valid from July 1, 2006) will be completed during the period 2004-2006.



10. Development Board (DB) of IFF

The functions for the Development Board, consisting of representatives from the manufacturers and the IFF, will be looked upon. The surplus from the material approval system is discussed in the DB, but decided by the IFF CB.



11. Information services

The development of the IFF web site,, will continue.


The minutes from the CB meetings will be sent to the member Associations and published on the web site as they have been finalized.


Mainly information’s will be distributed via e-mail instead of ordinary mail.


More promotion material, such as video’s, DVD’s and brochures will be produced.



12. Economy

The income from sponsoring and advertisements will have to continue to increase the coming years and therefore the Marketing and Information Committee will do more efforts.


IFF will establish, during 2004, a selling- and marketing- portfolio for international Floorball.


The Budgets and Financial Reports will be published on the IFF web site.