Central Board


Place: Hotel Gustaf Wasa, Borlänge, Sweden

Eriksson, Tomas President
Jansson, Per
Jonsson, Tomas
Lillepalu, Ain
Lindström, Peter
Vaculik, Martin
Kratz, Stefan Secretary General

Liljelund, John Vice President
Gilardi, Thomas
Kauppinen, Risto
Sinnakaruppan, Ramasamy

§ 1 Opening of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson opened the meeting at 12.00 12.05 1999.

§ 2 Approval of the agenda
The agenda was approved with some completions.

§ 3 Minutes from the last meeting
The minutes from the meeting 17.04 1999 was scrutinized and put ad acta.

§ 4 Economy
a) Financial report 30.04 1999 (enclosure 1)
Mr. Jonsson presented the Financial Report by 30.04 1999.

It was also reported that the Russian Floorball Federation, after 30.04, has paid their debts.

b) Financial Regulations (enclosure 2)
Mr. Jonsson presented the Financial Regulations, with the fee for International Club Tournament included.

The CB decided to approve the Financial Regulations 1999 according to enclosure 2.

§ 5 World Championships
a) WFC 1999
Mr. Kratz reported from the WFC 1999 and that the Russian Team has withdrawn from participation.

b) WFC 2000
Mr. Jonsson reported from the WFC 2000 preparations.

c) WFC 2003-2008 (enclosure 3)
Mr. Kratz reported that the Czech Floorball Union has sent a letter of interest to organize WFC 2008.

§ 6 European Cup
a) European Cup 1999
Mr. Kratz reported that Mr. Liljelund will negotiate with the Swiss Floorball Association during the Women’s World Championships in Borlänge.

§ 7 Committee Reports
a) EDC
Mr. Jansson reported on the EDC work since the last meeting has been mainly concentrated to the President’s Meeting.

b) MC
Mr. Kratz reported on the MC work since the last meeting.

c) MIC
Mr. Lindström reported that the MIC will have a meeting 14.05 in Borlänge.

Mr. Vaculik reported that the RACC will have a meeting 14.05 in Borlänge.

e) RC
Mr. Kratz reported that the RC will have a meeting 13-14.05 in Borlänge.

§ 8 Member Associations
a) Decisions on the Russian Floorball Federation (enclosure 4 & 5)
Mr. Kratz reported on a meeting with representatives of the Russian Floorball Federation on May 11 in Borlänge and that the debts were paid on that day.

The CB notices that Russian Teams may register to participate in IFF tournaments and other tournaments since the debts are paid.

The CB decided to put forward to Mr. Vaculik and Mr. Kratz set up a meeting with the Russian Floorball Federation before the next CB meeting.

The CB further decided to take decisions concerning the withdrawal from the WFC and the membership status in the next meeting.

b) Information on Japan (enclosure 6)
Mr. Sadao Saito, President of Japan Floorball Federation has sent a letter to the CB.

The CB notices the letter considering it to be a reply to the letter earlier sent by Mr. Kawamoto, President of Japan Unihoc Association.

The CB further stresses the earlier decision regarding merging of the two Associations and the dead-line, June 30 1999, for a letter of intent.

§ 9 President's Meeting 1999
The preparations of the President’s Meeting were discussed.

§ 10 Next meeting
The next meeting will be held 04-05.09 1999 in Prague, starting 04.09 at 10.00 and ending 05.09 at 14.00.

Arrival to the meeting should be 03.09.

§ 11 Closing of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson thanked the participants and ended the meeting at 13.30.