Central Board


Place: Radisson SAS Oslo Plaza Hotel, Oslo

Eriksson, Tomas President
Gilardi, Thomas
Jansson, Per
Jonsson, Tomas
Kauppinen, Risto
Lillepalu, Ain
Lindström, Peter
Kratz, Stefan Secretary General

Liljelund, John
Sinnakaruppan, R.
Vaculik, Martin

§ 1 Opening of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson opened the meeting at 10.00 30.01 1999.

§ 2 Approval of the agenda
The agenda was approved with some completions.

§ 3 Minutes from the last meeting
The minutes from the CB meeting 05-06.09 1998 was scrutinized and put ad acta.

§ 4 Economy
a) Financial report 1998 (enclosure 1)
Mr. Jonsson presented the financial report for 1998.

The CB decided to present the financial report for 1998 to the Congress 2000.

b) Auditors report 1998 (enclosure 2)
Mr. Jonsson presented the auditor's report 1998.

The CB decided to present the auditor's report for 1998 to the Congress 2000.

c) Budget 1999 (enclosure 3-4)
Mr. Jonsson presented a revised budget proposal for 1999.

The CB decided to work according to the revised proposal.

d) Material Criteria’s economical view (enclosure 5)
On behalf of Mr. Liljelund, Mr. Eriksson and Mr. Kratz presented the proposed contract with SP and the proposal upon fees for the approval of equipment.

The CB decided to start the approval system from 01.05 1999, with a transfusion period for the Associations fully to adapt to the system until 01.07 2000, and to pay to the Swedish Floorball Federation 10.000 CHF for overtaking of the system, and that the fees for the approval of equipment shall be according to enclosure 5, and to sign the contract with SP.

§ 5 Nominations
a) Committees (enclosure 6)
Nominations' to the EDC and the RACC has arrived according to enclosure 6.

The CB decided to appoint Karlis Strelis as EDC member and Andris Dzenis and Martin Vaculik as RACC members.

b) SAG Letter from SUHV concerning Mr. Sterchi (enclosure 7-8)
The CB notices that a letter from SUHV regarding their former President Mr. Sterchi and participation in SAG has arrived.

The future work of the SAG was discussed and it was forwarded to Mr. Eriksson to look into the matter.

§ 6 World Championships
a) WFC 1999 (enclosure 9)
The CB notices the 2nd information letter from the Swedish Floorball Federation to the participating teams of the WFC 1999.

On behalf of Mr. Liljelund, Mr. Eriksson presented the WFC 1999 contract.

The CB decided to approve the contract.

b) WFC 2000
Mr. Eriksson presented the WFC 2000 contract.

The CB decided to approve the contract.

c) WFC 2001 and 2002
WFC 2001 and 2002 was discussed.

The CB decided to send a letter to Latvia regarding WFC 2001 and to Finland and Switzerland regarding WFC 2002, and that the final decision shall be taken in the next CB meeting or in the meeting in May. Further the CB decided that Mr. Kauppinen shall be in charge for the contacts with the Latvian Floorball Union regarding the WFC 2001 and that a meeting with them shall be organized.

d) U19 Championships 2001 (enclosure 10)
The CB notices that DUB has withdrawn their candidature as organizer of the U19 Championships 2001.

How to find a new organizer was discussed. The opinion of the CB is that it is important to start the U19 Championships.

The CB decided to ask for a new organizer to organize the U19 Championships 7-11 November 2001.

e) Future WFC for Men and Women
The procedure for the selection of organizers of future Championships was discussed.

The CB decided that a standard procedure based on aspects of the organizers regulations, TV- and commercial rights and possibilities, calculated budget etc. shall be worked out by the RACC until the CB meeting in May. As a guideline for RACC the CB opinion is that the final decision upon an organizer shall be two years in advance. Furthermore the CB decided to ask for interested organizers for 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008. Dead-line to show interest shall be 30.04 1999. At this stage these should be considered only as letters of interest without commitment.

§ 7 European Cup
a) European Cup 1998 (enclosure 11)
Mr. Kauppinen reported on the EC 1998.

b) European Cup 1999
Mr. Gilardi reported on the EC 1999. The final matches will be played in Bern and the group matches will be played in three different places.

The CB decided that Mr. Liljelund shall replace Mr. Kauppinen as responsible for the negotiations with SUHV. Furthermore the CB decided that the final round of the EC 1999 shall consist of a maximum of 8 teams respectively in the men’s and women’s tournament and to put forward to the RACC to prepare a proposal for the qualification round to be presented in the next meeting.

§ 8 Committee Reports
a) EDC (enclosure 12-14)
Mr. Jansson reported from the last EDC meeting.

Mr. Sinnakaruppan has sent in a report on the development of floorball in Southeast Asia.

The promotion of floorball in Asia was discussed.

The CB decided to support the development of floorball in Southeast Asia with 10.000 CHF in 1999 and 15.000 CHF in 2000 from the EDC budget.

b) MC
On behalf of Mr. Liljelund, Mr. Kratz reported that Mr. Liljelund together with Mr. Eriksson and Mr. Kratz have had a meeting with SP in Borås, Sweden.

c) MIC (enclosure 15)
Mr. Lindström reported on the MIC work since the last meeting.

d) RACC (enclosure 16)
Mr. Kauppinen reported on the RACC work since the last meeting.

The CB decided that the RACC shall act as the jury and that Mr. Axel Wester shall be Chairman of the WFC 1999 Jury since Mr. Kauppinen will arrive to the WFC on May 12.

e) How to deal with deciding on new rules ?
Future changes of the IFF Rules of the Game was discussed.

The CB decided to put forward to the RACC to prepare a proposal on how to make future changes of the Rules of the Game. The proposal shall be presented to the CB meeting in September 1999.

As a guideline for the discussion within the RACC the key questions should be: Which body shall prepare proposals on changes ? Which body shall take the decision, the Congress or another body of IFF ? How to implement a new or changed game rule ?

f) RC (enclosure 17-19)
Mr. Schlossmacher has sent in a report of the RC work since the last CB meeting.

Furthermore the RC has sent in a proposal regarding the interpretation of Rule 507.4.

The CB decided to change the interpretation of Rule 507.4 according to the proposal to be in charge from 01.07 1999.

f) AC and DC (enclosure 20)
Mr. Kratz reported on a meeting with Mr. Hilska, Chairman of the DC and Mr. Granqvist, Chairman of the AC, in Helsinki 29.12 1998.

Furthermore the AC has decided upon an appeal from Tunet IBK, Norway.

The CB decided to inform the member Associations of the decision and urge them to inform their Elite Teams of the meaning of the regulation 3.1 of the Competition Regulations for Club Teams and on International Transfer Regulations in general.

§ 9 Material
a) Regulations (enclosure 21)
On behalf of Mr. Liljelund, Mr. Kratz presented the draft of the Material Regulations.

The CB decided to approve the Material Regulations.

b) Information
The CB decided that information of the approval of material shall be presented in IFF.net and by letter to all known manufacturers and to the member Associations, urging the member Associations to pass the information further to the members of their Association. Furthermore the CB decided of a transfusion period until 01.07 2000 for the member Associations to fully adapt to the system. It was also decided that a list of all known manufacturers shall be sent to the member Associations with a request of getting information of possible other manufacturers.

§ 10 Organizers Regulations (enclosure 22)
Mr. Kauppinen and Mr. Kratz presented a proposal of Organizers Regulations.

The CB decided to approve the Organizers Regulations according to enclosure 22 to be valid from 01.07 1999.

§ 11 Membership applications
a) Potential new members
Potential new members was discussed.

For the moment the IFF is working on Brazil, France, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Spain, Slovakia, Thailand, Ukraine and Venezuela. Furthermore some contacts has been taken with Greece, Iceland and Israel.

The CB decided to decide upon possible membership applications, arriving before the next meeting, by fax or e-mail.

b) GAISF application
The CB decided to send an application of membership to GAISF if the number of member Associations fulfil the requirements for membership of GAISF. Dead-line for application is 31.03 1999.

c) Decisions on Russian FF (enclosure 23)
Mr. Kratz reported that the RRFF has not yet paid their debts to the IFF.

The CB decided that if the debt is not fully paid until 31.03 1999 the question of suspension until the next Congress will be decided upon in the next meeting.

d) Information on Hungary (enclosure 24-25)
Mr. Kratz reported on the progress of the membership application from Magyar Floorball Szövetseg.

e) Information on Japan (enclosure 26-31)
The National Recreation Association of Japan (NRAJ) has informed the IFF that JFF has lost their membership of NRAJ.

A letter has been sent to find possible solutions to the situation and replies has arrived from Japan Unihoc Association (JUA) and Japan Floorball Federation (JFF).

The situation of floorball in Japan was discussed.

The CB decided that the question of recalling the provisional membership for Japan Floorball Federation will be decided upon in the September meeting if there by 30.06 1999 has not arrived at least a letter of intent stating the merging of the two Associations JFF and JUA.

§ 12 President's Meeting 1999
a) Progress
The contents of the President's meeting 1999 was discussed.

The meeting should start at 1000 and end at 1600 on May 13 containing presentation of participants, a lecture by Mr. Sevelius, member of SAG, on how to work on the international scene, what could be done nationally no matter of the size of the Association, an EDC review of work done and plans for the future and showing of all existing education material.

Invited to participate are President or Vice President and Secretary General. If needed an interpreter may accompany the representative.

The CB decided to ask for names of participants and education material from all Associations to be brought to Borlänge.

§ 13 Next meeting
a) Singapore
Mr. Kratz informed on the arrangements made for the meeting in Singapore 17-18.04 1999 and the preliminary schedule of the CB activities and the tournament Singapore International Floorball Championships.

The meeting will start 17.04 at 1000 and end 18.04 at 1400.

b) Borlänge, Sweden
Mr. Kratz informed on the arrangements made for the meeting in Borlänge 12.05 1999.

§ 14 Closing of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson thanked the CB and ended the meeting.