Central Board


Place: Hotel Inter-Continental, Zurich

Eriksson, Tomas President
Gilardi, Thomas
Jansson, Per
Jonsson, Tomas
Kauppinen, Risto
Lillepalu, Ain
Lindström, Peter
Sinnakaruppan, R.
Vaculik, Martin
Kratz, Stefan Secretary General

Liljelund, John

§ 1 Opening of the meeting
Tomas Eriksson opened the meeting at 10.00 Saturday 05.09.98.

§ 2 Approval of the agenda
The agenda was approved with some changes and additions.

§ 3 Objectives and strategy
The objectives and strategy of the upcoming IFF work was discussed.

§ 4 Minutes from the last meetings
a) CB meeting 27.05 1998
The minutes from the CB meeting 27.05 1998 were scrutinized and put ad acta.

b) CB meeting 29.05 1998
The minutes from the CB meeting 29.05 1998 were scrutinized. Mr. Vaculik had a motion to remove Mr. Schlossmacher as Referee Committee Chairman. The motion was denied.

Mr. Vaculik had a motion to remove Mr. Orlando as Rules and Competition Committee Chairman. The motion was denied. Thereafter the minutes were put ad acta.

c) Congress 28.05 1998
No objections concerning the minutes from the Congress 28.05 1998 has arrived. The minutes are therefore approved.

§ 5 Economy
a) Financial Report 10.08 1998 (enclosure 1).
Mr. Jonsson presented the Financial Report from 10.08 1998.

b) Preliminary Financial Report 03.09 1998 (enclosure 2)
Mr. Jonsson presented a preliminary Financial Report from 03.09 1998.

§ 6 Nominations
a) Committees
Appeal Committee (AC)
No further nominations has arrived.

The CB decided to appoint Lars Granqvist as Chairman of AC and to ask the Associations for further nominations.

Disciplinary Committee (DC)
Erich Pfister, Swizerland has been nominated as member of DC.

The CB decided to appoint Mr. Pfister as member of DC and to appoint Mika Hilska as Chairman of DC.

Education and Development Committee (EDC)
Michael Jørgensen, Denmark and Jari Oksanen, Finland have been nominated as members of EDC.

The CB decided to appoint Mr. Jørgensen and Mr. Oksanen as members of EDC.

Marketing and Information Committee (MIC)
Jussi Lähde, Finland, Heidi Tofterå, Norway, Axel Wester, Sweden, Mikhail A. Baguizov, Russia and Stefan Dahlgren, Singapore have been nominated as members of MIC.

The CB decided to appoint Mr. Lähde, Ms. Tofterå, Mr. Wester, Mr. Baguizov and Mr. Dahlgren as members of MIC.

Material Committee (MC)
Beat Flepp, Switzerland has been nominated as member of MC.

The CB decided to appoint Mr. Flepp as member of MC.

Referee Committee (RC)
Andrew G. Clough, Great Britain, Jens Gotfredsen, Denmark, Heikki Savolainen, Finland, Karl-Heinz Seiler, Sweden and Tom Synstad, Norway have been nominated as members of RC.

The CB decided to appoint Mr. Clough, Mr. Gotfredsen, Mr. Savolainen, Mr. Seiler and Mr. Synstad as members of RC.

Rules and Competition Committee (RACC)
Risto Kauppinen, Finland and Axel Wester, Sweden have been nominated as members of RACC.

Mr. Orlando has sent in a letter with his resignation as RACC Chairman.

The CB decided to appoint Mr. Kauppinen as chairman and Mr. Wester as member of RACC.

The CB decided to ask for further nominations to AC, EDC, MC and RACC. Furthermore the CB decided to put forward to Mr. Kratz to set up a meeting with AC and DC.

§ 7 World Championships
a) WFC 1998
Mr. Vaculik reported on the organization and the financial outcome of the WFC 1998.

b) WFC 1999
Mr. Kratz reported on registrations.

c) WFC 2000
Mr. Jonsson reported on the progress with the organization of WFC 2000.

§ 8 European Cup
a) EC 1998
Mr. Kratz reported on registrations.

Mr. Kauppinen reported on the organization of EC 1998.

The CB decided to extend the RACC with Mr. Gilardi and Mr. Lindström as temporary members during the EC 1998 since RACC shall act as the Jury.

§ 9 Committee Reports
a) EDC
Mr. Jansson and Mr. Gilardi reported on ongoing activities within the EDC area. A Swedish instructor, Mr. Samuelsson, has been in Japan for two weeks in September and there are negotiations regarding placing a Swedish instructor in Singapore for a longer period. A Swedish instructor shall also go to Great Britain for a week.

Last year a seminar organized by the Finnish Floorball Federation in cooperation with the Estonian Floorball Association was held in Tallin, Estonia. In September this year the seminar will be held in Riga, Latvia and in cooperation with the Latvian Floorball Union.

Mr. Jansson also reported on a meeting with NHL Europe.

In November a Swiss instrucor will go to Germany.

The international floorball is now translated into German. Mr. Kauppinen reported of a possibility to translate into Russia.

Mr. Sinnakaruppan reported on promotion of floorball in Asia.

The CB decided to put forward to EDC to look further into the financials and details of promoting floorball in Asia.

b) MC
On behalf of Mr. Liljelund Mr. Eriksson reported on the ongoing work within the MC area.

The CB decided to put forward to Mr. Liljelund to prepare a final contract proposal and a proposal of appropriate fees until the January meeting.

c) MIC
Mr. Lindström reported on the negotiations with a possible main sponsor and the future work and strategy of the Committee.

Mr. Kauppinen reported that he and Mr. Kratz shall have a meeting during September.

The CB decided to put forward to RACC to present a proposal of Organizers Regulations to the January meeting.

e) RC (enclosure 3-5)
Mr. Schlossmacher has handed in a written report.

The CB decided to put forward to RC to present a proposal on Guide-lines for International refereeing and to appoint International Referees according to enclosure 4 and International Referee Observers according to enclosure 5.

§ 10 President’s Meeting 13.05 1999 in Borlänge
a) Topics
The President's Meeting 1999 was discussed.

The CB decided that President and Secretary General of each Association should be invited, and that the theme of the meeting shall be Development.

Furthermore a presentation from each President of present situation in their Association and main objectives expected from IFF should be discussed during the meeting.

b) Practical matters
The CB decided to put forward to Mr. Eriksson and Mr. Kratz to prepare a proposal of the organization of the President's Meeting.

§ 11 Next Meeting
The CB decided to have the next meeting, according to plan, in Oslo 30-31.01.98

Furthermore the CB decided to change the April meeting 1999 to be held 17-18.04 in Singapore.

§ 12 Closing of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson closed the meeting at 12.55 06.09.98.