Central Board


Place: Hotel Forum, Prague

Eriksson, Tomas President
Gilardi, Thomas
Jansson, Per
Jonsson, Tomas
Kauppinen, Risto
Liljelund, John
Lillepalu, Ain
Lindström, Peter
Sinnakaruppan, R.
Kratz, Stefan Secretary General

Vaculik, Martin

§ 1 Opening of the meeting
Tomas Eriksson opened the meeting at 09.30.

§ 2 Choosing secretary for the meeting
Stefan Kratz was chosen secretary of this meeting and for the CB meetings to come.

§ 3 The Agenda of the meeting
The agenda of the constitution meeting was approved.

§ 4 Constitution of the IFF Central Board
The CB decided to constitute itself as follows:

Vice President John Liljelund
Treasurer Tomas Jonsson

§ 5 Secretary General
The CB decided to appoint Stefan Kratz as Secretary General.

§ 6 Right to sign in the name of IFF and to use the IFF Bank Accounts
The name of the International Floorball Federation will be signed by the President Mr. Tomas Eriksson, the Vice President Mr. John Liljelund and the Treasurer Mr. Tomas Jonsson always two persons together in any possible combination.

Tomas Eriksson, Tomas Jonsson and Stefan Kratz shall have the right to use the IFF Bank account 559200-10 in Credit Suisse, CH-8702 Zollikon. Stefan Kratz within the limit of CHF 5000.

Mr. Kratz shall take care of the daily economical work such as and paying bills, sending invoices, do the book-keeping etc.

§ 7 Constitution of Committee Chairmen etc.
The Central Board decided to constitute committee chairmen etc. as follows:

Referee Committee (RC): Werner Schlossmacher
Rules and Competition Committee (RACC): Renato Orlando
Marketing and Information Committee (MIC): Peter Lindström
Material Committee (MC): John Liljelund
Education & Development Committee (EDC):
Per Jansson & Vice Chairman Thomas Gilardi
IFF Arbitrators: Complete CB, Mika Hilska & Matts Spångberg
The power to appoint IFF Arbitrator: Tomas Eriksson
Senior Advisers’ Group (SAG): Max Sterchi, Chairman, Bengt Sevelius & Peter Tallberg

Present committee members shall keep their respectively seat for the time being.

Mr. Kratz and Mr. Eriksson shall ask all 18 member Associations to nominate members to the committees. The nominations shall be IFF by hand no later than 01.08.98.

The composition of the different committees shall be decided at the next Central Board meeting.

§ 8 Meetings
Generally the CB meetings shall start 10am Saturday ending 2pm Sunday.

Hotel rooms shall be reserved from Friday evening.

Material for the agenda shall be the IFF office by hand 3 weeks in advance.

Agenda with material shall be sent to the CB two weeks before the meetings.

The CB decided to have meetings during 1998/99 as follows:

05-06.09 1998 Zurich
30-31.01 1999 Oslo
10-11.04 1999 Helsinki
12.05 1999 Borlänge
13.05 1999 President’s meeting, Borlänge

§ 9 Plans (enclosure 1-3)
The Congress has decided regarding Budget and Working plan for 1998-2000.

The CB decided, in principal, also to follow the IFF Plan 1998-2001 regarding CB meetings etc.

§ 10 Promoting and spreading floorball in Asia
The CB decided to appoint Mr. Sinnakaruppan as responsible for spreading floorball in Asia.

The CB forwarded to Mr. Sinnakaruppan to, until the next meeting, propose a memorandum of objectives and strategy for that work.

§ 11 Appearance
The appearance of the IFF CB was discussed.

The CB decided that Per Jansson shall be responsible for a uniform appearance of the CB.

Each CB member shall inform Mr. Kratz of their respectively size, as soon as possible.

§ 12 Next Meeting
The CB decided to have the next meeting, according to plan, in Zurich 05-06.09.

§ 13 Closing of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson closed the meeting at 11.00.