Central Board


Place: Hotel Biedermeier, Vienna, Austria

Eriksson, Tomas President
Jansson, Per
Jonsson, Tomas
Kauppinen, Risto § 1-8a)
Liljelund, John § 1-8a)
Lillepalu, Ain
Lindström, Peter
Mukkala, Pekka § 6d)-8a)
Vaculik, Martin
Orlando, Renato RACC Chairman § 8-
Schlossmacher, Werner RC Chairman § 8-
Kratz, Stefan Secretary general

§ 1 Opening of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson opened the meeting at 10.00 on Saturday 17th of January.

§ 2 Secretary of the meeting
Mr. Kratz was chosen secretary for the meeting.

§ 3 Agenda
The agenda approved with some alterations and completions.

§ 4 Minutes from the last meeting
The minutes from the CB meeting 20-21.09 1997 was scrutinized and put ad acta.

§ 5 Economy
a) Financial report per 31.12.97 (enclosure 1)
Mr. Liljelund reported on the financials per 31.12.97.

The CB discussed report and decided to allocate 17.500 CHF from 1997 for the printing of the PR Brochure and the Education book.

The CB decided to depreciate the claim on Gottlieb Kündig, 146 CHF for telephone costs, from 1993.

Mr. Liljelund proposed that the membership fee should never be lower than 100 CHF.

The CB decided to change the financial regulations according to the proposal.

The CB decided to appoint Mr. Mikael Brandstam as auditor for IFF.

A preliminairy report on 1996 and 1997 from the auditor should be delivered in the middle of February.

b) Budget 1998 (enclosure 2)
Mr. Liljelund thoroughly went through the budget proposal for 1998 and made some explanations.

The CB decided according to the proposal.

c) Budget 1999
The CB decided to put forward to Mr. Liljelund, together with Mr. Kratz, to make a proposal of budget for 1999 to be presented in the next meeting.

§ 6 World Championships
a) WFC 1998 (enclosure 3)
The Czech Floorball Union has handed in their first report.

Mr. Vaculik reported on the progress with the organization.

The CB decided to ratify the fax decision on the contracts with the Czech Floorball Union and TV Media.

The jury representative of the organizer has been decided to be Tomas Brezina, which means that the complete Jury looks as follows:

Chairman Tomas Jonsson (IFF CB)
Renato Orlando (IFF RACC)
Werner Schlossmacher (IFF RC)
Tomas Brezina (Organizing Committee)
John Liljelund (Other)

b) WFC 1999 (enclosure 4)
The Swedish Floorball Federation has handed in a brief report of the WFC 1999.

c) WFC 2000
Mr. Jonsson reported on the progress with the organization of the WFC 2000. Mr. Jonsson also reported that a contract is to be signed with the Norwegian States Television (NRK), where production of semifinals and final is settled.

Mr. Liljelund reported that he, together with Mr. Kratz, shall start the negotiations with NBF in the end of February.

d) Future WFC’s (enclosure 5)
WFC’s have been decided until year 2000.

The CB discussed the future WFC’s and decided to ask the member Associations of organizers for the WFC’s 2001-2004.

The dead-line to send a letter of interest to organize a WFC should, at this stage, be the IFF by hand no later than 31.03 1998.

The CB notices with pleasure that the Swiss Floorball Association already has sent a letter of interest to organize the WFC 2002, and that Latvia has expressed their willingness to organize the WFC 2001.

U19 Championships was discussed.

The CB decided that the first U19 Championship for men should be played 2001, not in connection with the WFC, and to ask the members of organizer.

The dead-line to send a letter of interest to organize the first U19 Championship for men should be 31.03 1998.

It was also discussed that the raising interest of floorball among deaf organizations and handicap organizations could lead to a demand of championships.

§ 7 European Cup
a) European Cup 1997 (enclosure 6-7)
Mr. Vaculik reported on the European Cup 1997.

Some ideas on developing the organization of the European Cup was expressed.

Team Vika from Russia did, with short notice, withdraw from participation, and General Torpedo from Russia withdraw from participation but was replaced by Poljot, also with quite short notice.

Also Ligatre from Latvia withdraw and was replaced by Rezeknes Maznieks.

The CB discussed the problem with withdrawals.

b) European Cup 1998
Mr. Kauppinen and Mr. Liljelund reported that the European Cup 1998 will be played in or near-bye Helsinki.

The negotiations between IFF and the Finnish Floorball Federation will start in the end of January.

One wish from the organizer is that they want to have the possibility to have the tournament extended to the 31st of December, if necessary.

The CB decided to deny the wish by voting.

According to the discussions in § 7 a) the CB decided that the final tournament of the European Cup 1998 should consist of a maximum of 10 teams in each category and that a qualification tournament should, if necessary, be played.

The CB decided to put forward to RACC to propose a system with ranking and a qualification tournament for a final tournament with 8 or 10 teams.

c) European Cup 1999
Mr. Kauppinen together with Mr. Kratz will start the negotiations during the spring 1998.

d) Future European Cup´s
European Cup’s has been decided until year 1999.

The IFF CB notices with pleasure that the Latvian Floorball Union has expressed their willingness to organize the European Cup 2000.

The CB discussed the future European Cup’s and decided to await the proposal of RACC before discussing the item further.

§ 8 Committees
a)Reports by memorandum (enclosure 8-9)
Mr. Jonsson reported that the 3rd draft of Jurisdiction Regulations was sent to the CB members and the AC members, without getting any feed-back.

The opinion of Mr. Jonsson is that there is a further need of specifications in the Jurisdiction Regulations.

Mr. Jansson reported on the ongoing work of EDC, where putting together collected material into a book with basics for trainers and coaches is at a finalizing stage. When the material is considered finalized it will be faxed to the CB.

Mr. Jansson also presented reports from Great Britain, by the instructors Pether Larsson and William Storey, and Japan, where the Swedish instructor Anwar Samuelsson visited in November 1997.

Furthermore Mr. Jansson reported that Karl-Heinz Seiler has been in Poland for referee instructions, that a contact person, Preben Pedersen has been appointed to be a contact towards Denmark and that a Swedish instructor will go to Singapore in February 1998.

Mr. Kauppinen reported that the Finnish Floorball Federation, in cooperation with the Estonian Floorball Association, organized a seminar in Tallin the last weekend of November 1997, with participants from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

One wish that was expressed during the seminar was that IFF should take Mini-Floorball under the wings.

Mr. Kauppinen also reported that a Finnish head coach and instructor, Marko Kilppikoski, has left for Australia in January 1998 and will stay until the end of May 1998. Mr. Kilppikoski will get assistance by Ninu Kinnunen from February 1998.

Mr. Kauppinen further reported on his contacts with Belgium. One of the big problems they have to solve is the "language-boarder" which divides Belgium. Another problem to solve is the organization and spread of their clubs to be able to take care of those school kids ( 6-7000) that in fact is playing in school.

Mr. Liljelund reported on a meeting he, together with Mr. Kratz, had with the Austrian Floorball Association 17.01 1998. A lot of ideas on how to develop the Austrian floorball was discussed.

The limits for the Association to become a member of the Austrian Sports Confederation is 15 member clubs with 900 players and it will still take some time and efforts to reach that level.

Mr. Mukkala reported on his contacts with Hungary, mainly with the new Association - Magyar Floorball Szövetseg, but also to Magyar Palanklabda Szövetseg to find out about the situation and to urge them to pay their debts to IFF.

The CB decided to propose to the Congress that Magyar Palanklabda Szövetseg should be excluded from IFF if they have not paid their debts until the 31st of March 1998, and to put forward to Mr. Vaculik to try to arrange a meeting with the two Associations in Hungary and to Mr. Mukkala to investigate if any of the Association’s have been recognized by the Hungarian Sports Confederation.

Mr. Lindström reported from his contacts with the Latvian Floorball Union. The Association is developing quite well and will apply for ordinary membership of IFF 1998.

Mr. Lillepalu and Mr. Vaculik reported on their contacts with the Russian Rinkball and Floorball Federation.

The CB decided to inform the Russian Rinkball and Floorball Federation that if they have not paid their debts until the 31st of March 1998 the IFF CB will suspend them from IFF until the Congress, meaning that Russia then would not be allowed to participate in the World Championships 1998.

Mr. Jonsson reported on his contacts with the United States Floorball Association.

Mr. Mukkala reported on his research on the costs for starting a magazine, which for the time being is considered to be to high.

Mr. Liljelund presented a proposal on the system for approving and testing material for the CB to consider to propose to the Congress.

The CB decided to propose to the Congress to decide on system for approving and testing material according to the proposal of Mr. Liljelund.

Mr. Lindström reported on the PR Committee telephone meeting 17.12 1997 and on the ongoing work with sponsors and the new brochure. A dummy of the brochure was presented.

The CB decided to put forward to Mr. Lindström to make some changes in the drafts for semi-sponsors and fax them out to the CB-members before IFF sign them. Mr. Lindström was also given the task to solve possible problems in the contract with Czech Republic concerning WFC 1998.

Mr. Schlossmacher reported on the RC meeting in Zurich 07-08.11 1997 and on the ongoing work of RC.

Mr. Schlossmacher informed about his new address in Singapore.

The RC has worked out new criteria's for the international referees.

A report regarding the planning for WFC 1998 will be distributed to the CB members later.

The RC budget for 1998 was discussed.

Mr Schlossmacher stressed the fact that the referee's outfit is free for advertisement.

Appointment of international referees was discussed.

Mr. Orlando proposed that in friendly International's the participating nations should appoint international, and in principle neutral, referees and inform RC. Exceptions should be decided be RC.

The CB decided according to proposal.

Mr. Eriksson congratulated Mr. Schlossmacher for a good work and for the progress in the RC.

Mr. Orlando informed about the budget and reflections he had over the committe work and aim.

Mr. Orlando commented on the contents and lacks of the organizers regulations.

Mr.Orlando expressed his opinion that chairmen of the committees should have a seat in the CB, due to information etc.

Mr. Eriksson stressed the fact that the RACC must have time to work on the proposals for regulations before the CB-meeting in April.

Mr. Orlando underlined that it will be possible but he must get the input from the CB today. If there should be space on the players outfit (and referees), for example 20 % of the outfit, it should be in the competition regulations.

Transfer regulations:
Mr. Mukkala wanted a clarification on how the message about transfers should be handled (fax or letter etc.).

The CB decided that fax is acceptable if it is the IFF office by hand latest on the 31st of December.

Mr Liljelund proposed that the transfer fee should be 100 CHF.

The CB decided according to the proposal.

The CB decided that a player is allowed only to have one licens at a time.

The CB decided that the Transfer regulations with the alterations discussed are now in full power.

Competition regulations:
Mr. Orlando proposed that a player should be licensed for his/her club latest on the 30th of September to be able to take part in the final round of the European Cup

The medals for referee's in the WFC was discussed.

The CB decided according to the RACC-proposal.

Mr. Orlando clarified the RACC's view regarding which protest should be handled by AC and RACC.

There have to be a separation between organisation/administrative questions and question related to the game (disciplinary matters).

If there is a contradiction between the Statutes and the Competition Regulations there has to be a change of either the Statutes or the Competition Regulations.

Mr. Jonsson was given the task to scrutinize the Statutes and the proposed regulations to find out any contradictions.

If RACC should be the body to handle protests during IFF events instead of an appointed Jury was discussed.

Mr. Schlossmacher missed a part about count-down-paper before match. He also pointed out that "other equipment" should be stricken in 14:4.

Mr. Orlando pointed out that there also should be financial guidelines in the regulations.

Mr. Orlando remarked that there might not be any need for any application regulations, due to the fact that the Organizers Regulations could take care of that.

b) Nominations (enclosure 10)
The nomination from DFU was left to Mr Jansson to scrutinize to next meeting..

c) Nominated IFF Referees (enclosure 10)
The CB decided appoint international referees according to enclosure 10.

§ 9 Membership applications
There is no membership application present.

§ 10 GAISF application
The CB discussed what to do with the application wich should be sent before 31/3.

After a thorough discussion, with the knowledge of the contents of the GAISF statutes, the CB decided to wait another year with a new application.

Mr. Kratz was given the task to write a letter to inform GAISF of the decision.

§ 11 IFF Congress 1998
The CB discussed what matters should be brought to the congress.

§ 12 Statutes
Mr. Jonsson brought up some points regarding the statutes that was discussed:

art. 13.1 and 13.4 a clarification should be done so a federation could be a section in another federation - but it is important that it is selfruled.

art. 13.2 the word ought should be replaced by the word shall and an exception sentence should be added so that IFF can make exceptions.

art. 24 A discussion about the bodies of IFF

Mr. Jansson suggested an election committee.

art. 30.2 Voting status when an Association has not fulfilled their obligations to IFF was discussed.

art. 34.1 - how many should there be in the CB.

art. 35.1 due to the fact that IFF has a General Secretary there is no need for the secretary in IFF.

The CB decided to put forward to Mr. Jonsson to contact Mr. Liljelund for necessary changes.

§ 13 Next meeting
The CB decided to have the upcoming meetings according to earlier decision, which is:

18-19.04 1998 in Tallin, Estonia, starting 10.00 18.04 and ending 15.00 19.04, and 27.05.98 in Prague, Czech Republic, starting 10.00.

§ 14 End of meeting
Mr. Tomas Eriksson closed the meeting at 13.40, on Sunday 18st of September.