Central Board

Place: Hotel Arkipelag, Mariehamn Åland, Finland

Present: Eriksson, Tomas, President
Jansson, Per
Jonsson, Tomas
Kauppinen, Risto
Liljelund, John
Lillepalu, Ain
Lindström, Peter
Vaculik, Martin
Schlossmacher, Werner , RC Chairman §1-5 & 9a)
Kratz, Stefan, Secretary general
Excused: Mukkala, Pekka

§ 1 Opening of the meeting

Mr. Eriksson opened the meeting at 09.00 on Wednesday 7th of May.
A short rewiev of WFC 97 this far were made by Mr. Lindström and Mr. Schlossmacher.

§ 2 Secretary of the meeting
Mr. Kratz was chosen secretary for the meeting.

§ 3 Agenda
The agenda of the CB meeting was approved with some completions.

§ 4 Minutes from the last meeting
The minutes from the CB meeting 1-2/3 1997 was scrutinized and put ad acta.

§ 5 Economy
a) Financial report per 10.04.97

Mr. Liljelund reported on the financials per 10.04.97.

b) Claims
Mr. Liljelund reported on claims per 10.04.97 and that reminders has been sent by the secretary general.
CB decided that Mr. Liljelund should talk to debtors which has representatives at the Presidents meeting.

§ 6 World Championships

a) WFC 1998
Mr. Eriksson reported on the progress of the negotiations with Czech Floorball Union (CFbU).
Mr. Vaculik briefly reported on the progress with the organization.
The CB decided that Mr. Eriksson and Mr. Liljelund is given the right to sign a contract with CFbU.

§ 6 Continuation

b) WFC 1999
There is still only the Swedish Floorball Federation that has shown interest of organizing the 2nd Womens World Championships (WFC 1999).
The playing system was discussed.
The CB decided that WFC 1999 will be played in an A- and a B-division according to the same principles as the Mens World Championships 1998, meaning 8 teams in the A-division and prel
8-10 teams in the B-division, and that last date for registration to participate should be 30.06.98.

c) WFC 2000
The Norwegian Bandy Federation/Floorball section (NBF) and the Finnish Floorball Federation (FFF)
Are both still interested in organizing the Mens 3rd World Championships 2000 (WFC 2000).
No further letters of interest has arrived.
NBF has sent further informations regarding their plans (enclosure 1).
The CB decided that the decision on organizer of WFC 2000 will be taken in the next meeting, that Mr. Eriksson and Mr. Lillepalu should act as investigation commission and that last date for registration to participate should be 30.06.99.

§ 7 European Cup

a) European Cup 1997
Mr. Eriksson reported on the negotiations with Balrog IK.
A discussion on which teams should have the possibility to participate in the European Cup took place due to the fact that, for the first time, a reigning European Cup champion also won the National championship. Furthermore it was discussed what will happen when a National champion is not able to participate.

The CB decided for the European Cup 1997:

  • If the National champion is also reigning European Cup champion the runner-up in the National championship should be given the possibility to participate.
  • If the National champion of some reason can not participate the runner-up should be given the possibility to participate. If the runner-up can not participate the possibility will be given to the third placed team.
  • That Mr. Eriksson and Mr. Liljelund is given the right to sign the contract with Balrog IK and to settle participation if more teams than 10 Mens Teams and 10 Womens Teams register for participation.

b) European Cup 1998
Mr. Kauppinen reported on the progress with European Cup 1998.

§ 8 World Games 1997

Mr. Kauppinen reported on the progress with World Games 1997.
The CB decided to appoint the Jury for the World Games according to the below:
Chairman Mr. John Liljelund (Organizers representative)
Members Mr. Renato Orlando (RACC representative)
Mr. Heikki Savolainen (RC representative)
Mr. Per Jansson (CB representative)
Latvian member (Other)

§ 9 Committees

a) Reports by memorandum

Mr. Schlossmacher reported on the work in RC.


Mr. Jonsson reported that the first AC meeting will be held during the WFC 1997.

PR (enclosure 2)

Mr. Lindström has handed in a report and also reported from the PR meeting held 06.05.97 and that the next meeting is scheduled for 10.09.97 as a telephone meeting (enclosure).


Mr. Kratz reported that RACC will have a meeting 08.05.97.


Mr. Jansson reported that EDC will have a meeting 08.05.97. Mr. Jansson also reported on the result of the questionnaire sent 02.12.96.


Mr. Liljelund reported that the work of MC is not according to schedule and that he will ask for more input during the Presidents meeting.

b) Further nominated referees (enclosure 3)
Denmark has nominated Kim Falgren as international referee.

CB decided to constitute Kim Falgren as international referee from 01.05.97.

§ 10 Membership applications

a) Poland (enclosure 4)
Mr. Liljelund and Mr. Lillepalu reported on the contacts with the two Polish organizations applying for membership of IFF.
CB decided to grant the Polish Floorball Federation provisional membership if they will merge into one federation and if they change name, without the word unihokeja in the Polish name.
In order to have the possibility to participate in the WFC 1998 this have to be done before the 30th of June 1997. Furthermore the documents from the General meeting of the Polish Floorball Federation in the end of May should be handed in.

§ 11 GAISF application (enclosure 5)

Mr. Kratz reported that the membership application was sent by fax and mail 25.03.97, and that Mr. Eriksson, Mr. Kauppinen and himself have had a meeting with the Honorary Secretary general of GAISF, Mr. Peter Tallberg, in Helsinki 10.04.97.

§ 12 How to influence the International Sports Community

The importance of influencing National Olympic Committees and IOC members in each IFF member federation was discussed.
The question of forming a Senior Advisers Group that could be of great help for IFF in gaining international acceptance was discussed.

§ 13 Proposal and application regarding Game Rules (enclosure 6)

The Swedish Floorball Federation has handed in proposals on changing the IFF Rules of the Game and an application to adapt the proposed changes in their own Game Rules from 01.07.97.
CB decided to put forward to RACC to handle the proposals on changing in the IFF Rules of the Game and to reject the application to adapt the proposed changes in their own Game Rules from 01.07.97.

§ 14 Presidents meeting

Practical matters regarding the Presidents meeting was discussed.

§ 15 Next meeting

CB decided to change place for the next meeting.
The meeting will still be held 20-21.09.97 but in Gothenburg, Sweden.