Place:               Scandic Hotel Continental, Stockholm, Sweden                                                     (1/5)


Present:            Eriksson, Tomas            President

                        Jansson, Per                                          § 4-15

                        Jonsson, Tomas                                     § 1-  9                                     

                        Kauppinen, Risto

                        Liljelund, John                          

                        Lillepalu, Ain                                  

                        Lindström, Peter                                    § 1-  8

                        Mukkala, Pekka             


                        Kratz, Stefan                 Secretary General


Excused:           Vaculik, Martin


§   1     Opening of the meeting

Mr. Eriksson opened the meeting at 18.15 on Friday 26th of July.


§   2     Secretary of the meeting       

Secretary general Mr. Kratz was chosen secretary for the meeting.


§   3     Agenda

The agenda of the CB meeting was approved with the following additions:


Cooperation with other International organizations will be discussed during § 12.

Presidential meeting will be discussed during § 13.


§   4     Minutes

a) Last meeting

The minutes from the IFF CB constitution meeting 17/5 1996 was scrutinized and put ad acta.


b) The Congress

According to the IFF Statues (article 34.2.), the protocol is approved if no member federation objects within 30 days from publishing.
No objections were made during this period of time.

The minutes from the Congress therefore was put ad acta.


§   5     Economy

a) Mission from the Congress

Mr. Eriksson and Mr. Liljelund has twice taken contact by letter to the auditor (enclosure 1 & 2) to receive all documents which were
sent to the auditor Peter Kündig. The auditor has not responded, not even after Mr. Kratz phoned the auditors bureau and was told that
Mr. Kündig will call back.


The IFF CB has not received any financial material from the auditor, except from two invoices, one for reconstructing the book keeping
(enclosure 3) and one other for the auditors report (enclosure 4), that was sent to the wrong address and arrived to Solna via André Lienhard
in Prague. This means that there however is made a financial report which was not sent to the IFF.





§   5 a) Continuation

If the IFF CB won’t get the financial material from Mr. Kündig, we would have to construct a financial report based on the statements from the banks.


The work with a financial report based on the statements of the bank will be done by Mr. Liljelund simoultaneously with continued efforts
to communicate with Mr. Kündig.


In the end, if nothing else works, the matter will have to be solved through legal pressure.


b) Handling of accounts, payments etc.

The CB discussed how to get the money flow to work efficiently.


The CB decided to:


-           Keep the Swiss account with an average balance of CHF 5.000,- per year.


-           Open a new account at the SE Bank in Solna and an account at the Swedish Postal Giro.


-           Transfer all the funds from the Merita Bank account to the Solna account.


Regarding payments from the IFF accounts the CB decided that:


-           The Secretary General, Stefan Kratz, will take care of the payments. The treasurer or the President will approve the bills before they
can be paid by the Secretary General or the treasurer from any of our existing account.


-           IFF will have three credit cards from the SE Banken in Solna for, Tomas Eriksson, Stefan Kratz and John Liljelund.


-           All the invoices must be in Swiss francs and can be paid either to the Swiss account or the Swedish account.


Mr. Liljelund reported that the present balance is 25.500 CHF


c) Financial regulations (enclosure 5)

The CB found that there was a need for a renewal of the financial regulations and therefore scrutinized them and decided to:


-           Remove Sanction fee for international fees practicing floorball abroad.


-           Write in to the Financial regulations the participating fees that has been changed earlier to be 300 CHF for the European Cup and
1000 CHF for the World Championships.


-           Remove the referee fee 150 CHF/match and instead have 50 CHF/day in allowance for referee.


-           Remove TV/Advertisement fee since that fee is a question of negotiation with organizers.


-           Write in a new point for the costs of IFF-work according to point 5 in the financial regulations.


§   6     Committees (enclosure 6)

a) Nominations

The CB finds it very positive that the number of nominations to the committees already to this meeting is far more than ever before.




§   6 a) Continuation

Regarding the size of the committees CB decided that the committees should consist of chairman + a maximum of 5 members with as
many nationalities in all the committees as possible. Committee members have to be from the member federations.


Regarding constitution of the committees this far, the CB decided to constitute the committes according to enclosure 6.
Further nominations will be dealt with at the next meeting


Regarding the Referee Committee, Mr. Eriksson and the Mr. Kratz will have a meeting with the new chairman, Werner Schlossmacher, on
how and with what the RC should work.


Regarding changing persons in the committees the CB decided that:


-           chairmen of the committees, normally chosen by the CB, can be changed by the CB only


-           members of the committees can be changed by the IFF CB, or by a proposal from the national federation by a CB decision


b) Responsibilities, instructions and plans of action

The tasks of the committees should mainly be according to enclosure 6.


The tasks and plan of action of the Material Committee should be according to enclosure 7.


Further guidelines given by the CB:


Education and Development Committee

EDC should ask the nations of their educational needs.


Material Committee

Mr. Liljelund should answer the letter from Neste regarding international material approvment (enclosure 8).


Public Relations Committe

The PR Committe should investigate the possibilities to reserve a space for a neutral sponsor on the outfit of the participating teams in IFF Championships.


Referee Committee

The federations should nominate minimum 1 and maximum 5 pairs for international refereeing and also rank their pairs from 1 to 5.
The general idea with this system is to have the best ranked referee pairs for the championships, the next group for European Cup and the lower
ranked in other international matches, juniors included, as development referees.

When nominating referees the nations should inform about the referee’s addresses, background, experience, age and size (for the referee suit).


The CB also states that international referees in U19 Internationals need not necessary be from a third nation.


The federations should also nominate 2 referee observers. The general idea with having observers in each nation is the possibility to start a system of
observing referees to a minimum of costs.


When educating/instructing the referees the RC should use the experiences made during last season concerning i.e. second pass to goal keeper,
foot pass to goal keeper and high stick. In general it is important to whistle according to the valid rules and interpretations.


Rules- and Competition Committee

Further guidelines is given in § 8 b.


§   7     Competitions

a) WFC -97.

The agreement between IFF and FFF was exepted, with a number of modifications.

Mr. Lindström is in charge from the CB to take all decisions concerning the WFC. The secretary general will send out the invitation and
the registrations to participate should be IFF by hand no later than the 30th of September.


b) WFC -98

There has not yet been any applications for the organizing of the WFC -98.


A new letter regarding organizer will be sent out.

In this letter we could elaborate with the way to organize the coming championship. The letter would ask the federation what they would think
about having an A and B group.

We must have an organizer no later than the 1st of January 1997.


An IFF organization group, consisting of 5-6 persons with experience from organizing championships, which could help new countries, was discussed.


c) European Cup 1996

There has not yet been any applications for the organizing of the EC -96.


A letter to all the reigning champions and member federations will be sent out where the situation and the risk of a cancelled EC -96 is outspoken.
The letter should also mention the possibilities of lower cost than earlier for the referees.

The mission to decide about the possibilities to organize EC -96 is given to Mr. Eriksson and will be taken no later than the 15th of September.


If there are competent organizers applicating the mission to make the contracts is given to Mr. Eriksson and Mr. Kratz.


d) World Games -97

There are four positive answers (Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Switzerland) and two negative answers (Estonia and Czech republic) and Norway
that has been allowed to give their answer after the 15th of August.


CB decides to approve the participants Finland, Sweden, Switzerland and Norway, with Latvia as reserv for Norway.


Mr. Kauppinen is given the mission to keep the contact with the World Games organization and the four participating teams.


§   8     Regulations

a) Organizers responsibilities

Mr.Liljelund and Mr. Lindstöm was given the mission to scrutinize the organizers regulations and propose a new and, if possible, easier version
no later than 31st of August.


b) Competition regulations.

The Competition Regulations, RACC with back-up from the Secretary General should have a proposal to the IFF CB ready by the 15th of October.


The international transfer regulations, inside the Competition Regulations, will be build by a group consisting of  the RACC and lead by the
IFF vice president Mr. Mukkala, ready by the 15th of October.


If there is no agreement on the transfer regulations, there should be a transfer regulation conference.


§   9     IFF Rules of the Game

The CB decides that there will be no changes in the IFF Rules of the Game until 30th of June 1998.


§ 10     Internet

Mr. Mukkala informed about the work with IFF-net and that he will try to convince the nations to join the internet.


§ 11     Communications

a) Incoming and outgoing letters

CB decided that:


-           An incoming letter should be given to the persons concerned.


-           All letters should go to the CB and by discretion to the member federations, when a third party is involved.


b) Internal communication

CB decided that all outgoing letters not sent from the office must also go to the Secretary General.


§ 12     Cooperation with other organizations

Mr. Eriksson was given the mission to contact GAISF and investigate the possibilities to become a member and also take contact the European Sports Forum.


Mr. Kratz will send a short presentation to International Sports federations.


§ 13     Presidential meeting May 1997

Mr. Eriksson proposed that there should be a presidential meeting once a year, during the year when we don’t have a General Meeting.


CB decided that Mr. Eriksson should ask the member federations if they want to have a presidential meeting during the WFC -97 in Åland, Finland, and,
in that case, what items should then be discussed.


§ 14     Next CB meeting

CB decided that the next meeting will be held in Helsinki 8-9/11 according to the following schedule:

Friday 8/11 10.00 - 17.00 and Saturday 9/11 09.00 - 12.00.


The agenda will be sent out 28th of October, which means that items to be on the agenda, from CB members or member federations, has to be
the Secretary General by hand no later than the 23rd of October.


§ 15     Closing of the meeting

Mr. Tomas Eriksson closed the meeting at 13.28, on Sunday 28th of July.





Stefan Kratz                                         Tomas Eriksson

Secretary General                                 President