Place:                      Globe Hotel, Stockholm


Time:                      17th of May, 1996


Present:                  Eriksson, Tomas                   president                               Absent: -

                                Jansson, Per

                                Jonsson, Tomas                                                                                  

                                Kauppinen, Risto

                                Liljelund, John                                     

                                Lillepalu, Ain                                             

                                Lindström, Peter

                                Mukkala, Pekka 

                                Vaculik, Martin


                                Kratz, Stefan                         Secretary General



1.             Opening of the meeting

                President Tomas Eriksson opened the meeting at 11.00.



2.             Choosing secretary for the meeting

                John Liljelund was chosen.



3.             The Agenda of the meeting

                The agenda of the constitution meeting was approved.



4.             Constitution of the IFF Central Board

4.1. Election of Vice President


Pekka Mukkala was unanimously chosen vice president of the IFF CB on the suggestion by Mr. Eriksson.


                4.2. Election of Treasurer and the right to write the IFF name.


Mr. Eriksson proposed that after building the financial report of the years 1994 and 1995, the Central Board will look
into the bank accounts, where they should be placed and if there is a need to open a bank account in Sweden, where the office is situated.


The Secretary General will take care of the daily economical work and paying the bill.


John Liljelund was chosen Treasurer for the Central Board.


Tomas Eriksson and John Liljelund will send a letter to the bank in Switzerland, that only Mr. Eriksson and Mr. Liljelund has the right to use
the bank account in the Schweizerische Kreditanstalt Account No. 559200 - 10 in 8702 Zollikon, by an immediately effect.
Mr. Eriksson and Mr. Liljelund will look into the legal matters connected to the bank account in Switzerland.


The name of the International Floorball Federation will be signed by the President Mr. Tomas Eriksson, the Vice President Mr. Pekka Mukkala
and the Treasurer Mr. John Liljelund always two persons together in any possible combination.




4.3. Election of secretary of the board


Peter Lindström was chosen as secretary of the IFF CB.



4.4. Election of the Secretary General


Stefan Kratz was chosen Secretary General for the IFF. The Swedish Floorball Federation will give the rooms for the IFF office in Solna.
Mr. Kratz will still be employed by the Swedish federation and he will work 50 per cent with the IFF and 50 per cent with the SFF.
All the employee costs and all the office costs will be paid by the Swedish Floorball Federation. There will be an agreement between the IFF
and the Swedish Floorball Federation of how the costs will be divided. The agreement will be prepared by Mr. Eriksson and Mr. Mukkala
to the next CB meeting.


The official address of the IFF office is now:


                Box 1047

                S-171 21 Solna



                Telephone:            +46-8-273 250

                Telefax:                  +46-8-822 214



4.5. Election of Chairmen to the committees


The Central Board decided to have the following committees:


Referee Committee (RC), Rules and Competition Committee (RACC), Public Relations Committee (PR), Material Committee (MC),
Arbitration Committee (AC), Education and Development Committee (EDC) and Information Committee (IC).


Secretary General Stefan Kratz and President Tomas Eriksson will send out a letter to all 15 member federations and ask them to nominate
members to these committees. The next Central Board meeting will decide the composition of the different committees.



4.5.1. Referee Committee (RC)


The IFF Central Board felt that the chairman of the RC should be a Swiss and the Secretary General will send a letter to the Swiss Federation
to ask them nominate a chairman for the RC.


4.5.2. Rules and Competition Committee (RACC)


Martin Vaculik was chosen chairman of the RACC.



4.5.3. Public Relations Committee (PR)


Peter Lindström was chosen chairman of the PR committee.


4.5.4. Material Committee (MC)


John Liljelund was chosen chairman of the MC.


4.5.5. Arbitration Committee (AC)


Tomas Jonsson was chosen chairman of the AC.


4.5.6. Education and Development Committee (EDC)


Per Jansson was chosen chairman of the EDC.


4.5.7. Information Committee (IC)


Pekka Mukkala was chosen chairman of the IC.

The IC will work with information, newspapers and bulletins and the Internet.



5.             Other matters to be discussed

5.1. The Women World Championships in 1997 Åland.


CB-members Mr. Mukkala and Mr. Lindström will continue to negotiate with the Finnish Floorball Federation on the contract for the
Women’s World Championships in Åland, Finland during the 3 - 10 of May 1997.


When the final version of the agreement is ready, it will distributed to the CB-members, who have one week time to comment on the agreement.
If there is no need to change this final version of the agreement, the agreement will be signed by President Mr. Tomas Eriksson and
Vice President Mr. Pekka Mukkala.


5.2. World Games in Lahti 1997


Floorball has been chosen as a demonstration sport in the World Games 1997 in Lahti, Finland. The organiser of the World Games will take care
of the technical organisation, as the venues, the rink etc. The cost for the participating countries would be the accommodation and the trips to Finland.
The Finnish Floorball Federation will pay for the travel inside Finland. The Finnish Floorball Federation has the advertisement rights for the event.
The Finnish Floorball Federation has the control of the event.


The playing dates would be 14. - 17.8. and the number of participating teams would be 4-6.


Mr. Risto Kauppinen will send a letter of information to all member federations and ask them if they are interested to participate in this tournament.
The federations should answer before the end of  July.


5.3. World Championships for Men in 1998


As up to now there has been no applications from any federation to organise the next World Championships in 1998.
There is some interest showed by the Norwegian and the Czech federations. There is a possibility to organise an A- and B- championships the next time.
The A- and B- championships could be played at the same place at the same time. The CB standpoint is that the RACC will send a letter to all member
countries if they are interested to organise an A- and B- championship in 1998 for men.


The RACC should ask all member federations what they feel about the present document: Regulations and Responsibilities for the Organiser of IFF Championships.


5.4. Tasks for the IFF Central Board given by the Congress


5.4.1. Economy and financial report


The Treasurer Liljelund will work with this matter and make the financial report to give a financial result for 1994 and 1995 to the Central Board by the
end of July. The CB will discuss this matter in the next meeting and will give out the material as agreed.


5.4.2. Material Criteria’s for Floorball Equipment

Mr. Jansson and Mr. Liljelund will continue the preparatory work in accordance with the decisions made by the IFF Congress.


5.5. Next CB meeting


The next CB meeting will be held in Stockholm during the 26.-28.7.1996. The IFF will pay for two nights boards and lodgings.
Matters to be on the agenda must be the secretary general by hand latest 30/6 -96.


6.             Closing the meeting


                Mr. Tomas Eriksson closed the meeting at 13.28.





                John Liljelund                                                       Tomas Eriksson

                Secretary of the meeting                                     President